UN outrage over Jerusalem

In a symbolic way the 182 nations went against the move of the USA to recognise Jerusalem as a capital of Israel and move their embassy accordingly.  I am quite outraged about our own government voting against the action of USA with Israel. Zechariah 10 is quite clear about the consequences of how nations deal with Israel.  The fact is the UK government has once again walked into an arena where God will show the nation how it erred however symbolic the move is.  The Church of the United Kingdom should unify in a statement condemning the actions of our … Continue reading UN outrage over Jerusalem

Christmas Friends 

“Peace on Earth and goodwill to all men. ” The message of the angels as they proclaimed the arrival of the Saviour. Unfortunately Joseph and Mary could not find room in Bethlehem. This ministry seeks to find room in your hearts. We are needing your prayers and support for this season. If you have been blessed by the messages on this site please remember us this Christmas. If you can send us your gesture of goodwill by sowing a financial gift to support our teaching ministry please use PayPal russelldurose@yahoo.com as the reference.  May we seek God in this time … Continue reading Christmas Friends 

Two pastors, two suicides 

In Brazil 2 pastors took their lives and Churches and congregations rocked with shock and faith shaken.  I have always alerted by the spread of great conglomerates of mega Churches. It seems that pastors need to be celebrities and are expected to be all things to all men. In the same time these same ministers are not paid sufficiently. The formula based Gospel is empty when tragedy and suffering falls on a family. The hyper faith gospel leaves no room to listen and minister to those who are suffering.  Let us remember that God does not want us part of … Continue reading Two pastors, two suicides 

2017 Year of a Journey; a look back

Christmas and New Year are always times when we look back over the last year and see how God has led us, where He led us and what we learned. It has without doubt been a very tough year. I travelled extensively doing retreats and receiving also from God. As with every year there are high points and some very low points to note.  Many times those low points are when we lose the notion that God is with us and our security in His Love is shaken in some circumstances. In the Retreats I had privilege to share at, … Continue reading 2017 Year of a Journey; a look back

Jerusalem; door to eternity

“As I turned to see the Bride I saw The New Jerusalem descend from heaven” Revelation 21. Jerusalem is the focus of attention since the President of the USA announced intentions to recognise the city as Israel’s capital and move its diplomatic operations there.  Over the last few days I have been laid aside very sick due to the viruses that accompany this time of year. But all the time God has been preparing my spirit to publish this message. It is tremendous because it shows and exposes where we are as believers.  God began to show me that Jerusalem … Continue reading Jerusalem; door to eternity

Standing in the Evil day 

Ephesians 6 refers to the armour of God being the protection because we are all presented as soldiers of Christ in a battle.  We are all in a battle even though the war has been won! Hebrews 2 refers to an apparent contradiction concerning Yeshua the Messiah subjecting all things yet we still don’t see all things subject! Yet what we see is Yeshua who is God’s phased plan.  This is a personal message not just a theological or prophetic exposition. As I write I am very sick with a virus, but not just me but my whole family. My … Continue reading Standing in the Evil day 

The Mess, the Message, the Messenger 

We have arrived at the season that many “rivers” join together to form Christmas. There is the pagan tradition, the stories based without context on the Gospels, and the world’s version.  The mess I refer to is the same traditional stress where we try to meet earthly expectations whilst in that stress we forget the true reason for the season.  The mess is families coming together not in the true spirit of unity but the eternal tradition of the Christmas get together. Then in the stress of the preparation comes to the surface unresolved issues. The true message is found … Continue reading The Mess, the Message, the Messenger 

The Lack of Tarrying with God Tarries His True Manifestation

“Wait here in Jerusalem for Him who Is promised “ The word “Tarry” is an old Word that old Pentecostal pioneers caught hold of. They had meetings where they would sit and wait for hours for God’s Presence would begin to move in an extraordinary way.  Leader and saint alike would come to the vigil and sit and wait. Nothing was led from a platform. Platform ministry in these times were understood to be unnecessary when what we were waiting for was invisible and personal. I am constrained to speak out prophetically because some of those holy practices have been … Continue reading The Lack of Tarrying with God Tarries His True Manifestation