Where what tent you prepare becomes a temple through generational ministry

We are still studying when David brought the Ark to Zion. The place prepared where worship and prayer occurred night and day. 

That tent became the “idea,” to construct a more permanent structure.

Nathan, David ‘s prophet in enthusiasm encouraged him on yet God corrected Nathan. Nathan had to learn about generational ministry. It would be David’s son Shelomah (Hebrew for God is Peace) who was chosen to edify this building. 

We Need to learn God is not in a hurry to bring His Glory. David had to create space by war for the space for the temple to take place. The enemies had to be subdued

We can dream, but is it ours to build? 

Are we preparing a platform for our spiritual sons?

The worst enemy and worst error in ministry is being anxious to see it all and be it all .

Out of the tent comes a temple! But in God’s time and in God’s way!


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