To Bring the Presence of God you need to  prepare a place!!! 

We have been studying David bringing the Ark as he desired the Presence of God. Yet we are always preoccupied in bringing yet we forget He needs a habitation to abide in. 

What type of place God wants to inhabit? 

The Tabernacle of David and of Moses was designed by God with altars, table, Lampstands, Ark. Exodus gives details that Moses received in Glory. 

This means God shows us what type of habitation He desires.

The first thing we see is altars. The first being the Altar where blood is spilled. The second Altar is where incensed is burned. The place God wants to inhabit is where we always have applied the Blood of atonement and forgiveness and where we are qualified. 

The altar of incense is the place we enter into divine dialogue. The table of bread is the Word where God brings light. 

We must therefore remember it is not enough to bring the presence, but prepare our lives as His Habitation. 

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