RESET not reformation

Today after struggling for about a week with Windows 10 not opening Store or any native apps and nights just leaving it installing to find it fail and revert back to my problematic configuration. 

Today I decided to take the plunge and format the thing and start afresh. 

God has a Word for this; Behold I make all things new. 

It is a risk but even then we may not succeed. 

But seriously we have walked this way over a decade adding more and more “programs” and “features” that the whole thing has got bogged down. Then it does not start up fast, we wait and wait. 

I then for writing this began to transport this to a message on this blog I began to think of my experience. To try to “upgrade” would take me hours and hours. Today when I dumped the whole lot and started again was done in half an hour! 

This is what God is going to do in us and for us. He is going to ERASE AND RESET us with something new and clean. It won’t take us hours to pray to understand it. It won’t take hours to read a passage in the Word to see what God is saying. We are going to be made new and we are going to receive something fresh. 

You may rejoice for that but Isaiah 43 says we must FORGET THE PAST. In the reset and reformat we lose what we had! Was it bad? No..

Paul spoke about this in Philipians when he gives his former training and considers that his position and learning needed at some point be considered “dung”. Yes a strong connotation! There is however a time when former experiences and revivals and words cannot be the configurations we live by.

What I am not saying is to embrace all innovations and throw out practices in favour of strange things. No I am saying and announcing RESET. God is about to press a “button” in heaven and for some seconds there will be silence then a whole FRESH REVELATION and FRESH SENSE OF LIVING will spring up in us.

People look to a change of political leadership to do that! People look for a formula do it. God Himself is the solution and He announces to us today that a RESET is coming. A cleaning of memory, and a new fresh look and perspective is coming. 

God announced at the end ” behold I make all things new” . It’s a wonderful thing to say. He is saying it to us now, in our hearts by faith. “I MAKE” meaning He, God is doing It! “Make” means that it is a present tense reality. It means right now He is announcing He is doing something new. 

Receive that new for your family, ministry and finances. We must believe it. We must receive it. God sends it out and we must act on it. It is different for all of us. God will guide us through! 

In our series about “Bringing the Presence of God” we shall see in forthcoming messages how David succeeded and what it means for us. 

Shalom! Receive your RESET. 

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