“But we see Jesus….” Hebrews 2

This is a special post because it does not come in a series however my series are important in my own walk and my own overflow to those who follow this site. 

I am writing about contradictions. We are confronted by them day by day. We see contradictions when we try to better our family life but we feel bombarded by all types of problems.

We feel judged by those who seem to invent a formula based theology for every situation emphasising our need for faith and we feel that we are not measuring up.

Many of us have dreams and plans and sensed destiny in the past running through our veins.

I have sometimes got up at 7am to start my day with dread in my heart, or with exhaustion around me, a mind full of fog that it is difficult to give an appropriate response 

You cannot be real to everyone. But sometimes you feel you cannot be real to anyone.  

So what keeps us going?

There is a but in the story. 

But we see Jesus …which means there is hope. It means that God Himself faced the same dilemmas. Challenges. People with health issues. 

The challenge is we must see Him. Bring to mind the times He helped you in impossible situation. 

Our eyes must be opened. As we get up each day may we ask “Lord open my eyes to see you in my day “.

Jesus there is no-one else we can trust. And when we live or see a contradiction may we see Him!

May we know that it is not just knowing Scripture deeply but that from the depths of dark days and fears we come into communicating a Word of true comfort and equipping. 

I am sharing with you personally on this difficult journey together. My only focus is seeing Him and from that overflow is blessing you!


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