Where what tent you prepare becomes a temple through generational ministry

We are still studying when David brought the Ark to Zion. The place prepared where worship and prayer occurred night and day.  That tent became the “idea,” to construct a more permanent structure. Nathan, David ‘s prophet in enthusiasm encouraged him on yet God corrected Nathan. Nathan had to learn about generational ministry. It would be David’s son Shelomah (Hebrew for God is Peace) who was chosen to edify this building.  We Need to learn God is not in a hurry to bring His Glory. David had to create space by war for the space for the temple to take place. The … Continue reading Where what tent you prepare becomes a temple through generational ministry

To Bring the Presence of God you need to  prepare a place!!! 

We have been studying David bringing the Ark as he desired the Presence of God. Yet we are always preoccupied in bringing yet we forget He needs a habitation to abide in.  What type of place God wants to inhabit?  The Tabernacle of David and of Moses was designed by God with altars, table, Lampstands, Ark. Exodus gives details that Moses received in Glory.  This means God shows us what type of habitation He desires. The first thing we see is altars. The first being the Altar where blood is spilled. The second Altar is where incensed is burned. The … Continue reading To Bring the Presence of God you need to  prepare a place!!! 

Bringing the Presence of God series 

In the next message forthcoming please pray as I shall be in a different location. God is looking for preparation and a place to rest so that WE may become His Habitation. It is important that we note this together as I personally have passed through a very dark season. I am sure you can feedback as well.  I am going to a conference this weekend and whilst conferences are good my prayer before and after shall be that God manifests in us the preparation for us to be His Habitation in Christ.  It is not time to take scriptures … Continue reading Bringing the Presence of God series 

RESET not reformation

Today after struggling for about a week with Windows 10 not opening Store or any native apps and nights just leaving it installing to find it fail and revert back to my problematic configuration.  Today I decided to take the plunge and format the thing and start afresh.  God has a Word for this; Behold I make all things new.  It is a risk but even then we may not succeed.  But seriously we have walked this way over a decade adding more and more “programs” and “features” that the whole thing has got bogged down. Then it does not … Continue reading RESET not reformation

“But we see Jesus….” Hebrews 2

This is a special post because it does not come in a series however my series are important in my own walk and my own overflow to those who follow this site.  I am writing about contradictions. We are confronted by them day by day. We see contradictions when we try to better our family life but we feel bombarded by all types of problems. We feel judged by those who seem to invent a formula based theology for every situation emphasising our need for faith and we feel that we are not measuring up. Many of us have dreams … Continue reading “But we see Jesus….” Hebrews 2