500 years since the Reformation.

In many places it is remembered that on October 1517 Martin Luther pinned to Witternburg Cathedral 95 theses which sparked a spiritual/political shift in the world. The waves from this still ripple out to this day.

My own perspective over a year of research, prayer, meditation and speaking to many leaders from many denominational streams shows me that in God’s design of things the Reformation should have sparked a spiritual move but mans own ambitions and prejudices sparked off bloodshed, political injustices and divisions across the known world. Many ancient teachings and examples were discarded in blind zeal.

We cannot forget that Henry VIII in his pursuit for a heir used the Reformation tides to provoke a schism between the Vatican and Canterbury. The Church of England was born. From there so Methodism was born and up to today divisions continue as many claim personal revelations that pit themselves against the former groupings. 

Now even Pentecostals have split many times into neo Pentecostal groups in great conglomerates which adopt styles and practices which differ from others.

The same injustices and abuses abound as 500 years ago. So when I see many celebrate the Reformation we should see two Hands at work. The Hand of God desiring to reveal truth and renew faith. The Hand of man in its blind zeal has allowed political ambition and fundamentalism to mould the message.

What we need to ask is Yeshua reveal to us true design of the Ecclesia and ask for Reunification that comes by embracing the Holy Spirit of Unity and Love. That way barriers and prejudices will come down and our focus be Yeshua and His Person! 

That will be my true celebration and prayer for Reformation and Reunification!


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