Bringing the Presence of God; Preparing the resting place for the Ark

Personal note here to start this post.

There have been a series of issues some of them serious in their implication which will account for the silence in the production of the message series I am presenting here. The issues of themselves pertain to the temporary fragility of our body and the turmoil of circumstances whilst we await perfection of what Yeshua is bringing when He will manifest to the world revealing His saints and God’s son’s. I have and those with me have struggled against sickness and against the trials common to man. One conviction comes in the midst of difficult trials is that He is our Rock. 

However we approach the daily trials of everyday living the there are times when the revelation is there but the conditions are not. We would rather hold back in what has been transmitted rather than publish. However as prophetic vessels we are sometimes called to be, our own refraining can be the reason why we stay sometimes in our trial. By proclaiming out and refusing the forces on many levels to silence us, brings us certainly into the promotion of the Lord. The proof of the prophet is the uncompromising message he transmits in the midst of moral and physical challenges. 

To get on…

We are studying the Davidic initiative of bringing the Ark from the house of Abinadab. David’s sole desire was to have the covenant and presence of God near. We have already seen that the attempt was interrupted by wrong methods and wrong perceptions. 

David also needed to prepare a resting place for the Ark. He needed to set apart a place where holiness and worship were to be sought after and lived for. 

It was not just necessary to BRING the Presence, but then what would be the objective be? 

Where God’s presence be, must reside a priestly and prophetic administration TO that same PRESENCE. We have much occupation in programmes and activities thinking that these will satisfy. It is not. We must come back from the man made formulas to the concept of what MINISTERING TO THE LORD means. We can exercise ministry but if this is dislocated from the MINISTERING TO THE LORD we simply have a show. 

Revivals have come and gone but they died because generations lost the need to MINISTER UNTO THE LORD. 

David sums it up in Psalm 27; one thing I asked and one thing I seek, to dwell in the house of the Lord enquiring of His Presence…

So many seek the revival today but we forget that it is not the quantity of churches in many countries, worship style , Word preached. It is the MINISTRY UNTO THE LORD..

When we think of David’s tabernacle to where he brought the Ark, the priests and worshippers, the prophets proclaiming, we see why God wanted David to pay attention to the detail. It’s not enough to have an intention nor a project, but we need to prepare God’s Resting Place! 

Many of the places we worship do not reflect this resting Place! It is a place of holiness and faith. The thing that connects them is intimacy. Where we learn that our prayer and worship does not become a exercise where we seek for blessing and provision but we seek to fulfil and delight the Heart of God for which He created and Redeemed us. 

The Resting Place is where we comprehend that all redemptive restorative work has been completed. The Resting Place is a place where Kingdom reigns and flows from the hearts surrendered to His Holiness and Faith. 

It is no use seeking revival or praying unless we understand that God has ministered to us first, we need to now become His Resting Place so that we minister to Him. 

David prepared God’s Resting Place, all that was needed now was the method and protocol that the Ark must come and how the ground must be prepared. I will deal with this in our last message of this series. 

Lord make us your Tabernacle and Resting Place! 


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