23rd September exhortation 

Much has been made concerning the signs of 23rd September and conspiracy theories; end of the world. More than ever when some will try to predict when Jesus comes back or the world ends; and when those dates pass without event so people throw off the attitude that needs to remain. 
What needs to remain is that the Son of Man will return. He will need to find a people ready for Him, faithful and full of faith. The day of His return will be on a day no-one will predict nor get right. 
Beyond all the preaching that goes on in conferences and Church services the one subject that is always neglected is Jesus coming again; in whatever form that He will as scripture is full of imagery.
Let us; as the Bride cry out as the Spirit cries out today; “Come Lord; come quickly.” 
The worst thing we can do as this day passes is throw off a spirit of vigilance and prayer; hear the Cry of the Holy Spirit; hear the groaning of creation; that groans for the Manifestation of the sons  of God. Today will pass but what we need is a wakened spirit to know that indeed is time for Yeshua, Jesus to reign.

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