Greatest Sign of the time and signs in the sky

The press and prophetic ministries are buzzing concerning the great 23rd September sign that Jesus is coming and the Rapture is imminent. 

The prophetic word resides in a mix of astronomy and scripture. Very interesting on first glance. Even leading UK newspapers have caught the frenzy of this Word. 

When you press the propogators on the Word that 23rd September is the day what you begin to get is a back pedalling on the actual details then a complete watering down on “it may not be on 23rd but the sign is there…” 

My own view is that 23rd September will come and go. However everyone I see on social media and in charismatic ministry have overlooked the greatest sign that Jesus is coming. 

The greatest sign of Jesus’ coming is the restoration of the nation of Israel. In 1948 by United Nations resolution the vote passed to allow the Jews to return to what was known as Palestine; a backwater and desert. 

Since then we have seen the prosperity and the farming and blooming of the desert into lush valleys. Whilst nation’s around them are being blown to pieces like Lebanon and Syria and Egypt. 

Jesus Himself said that this sign is the greatest. And it’s one we can see. 

When you consider the dispersion of God’s people since 70AD and suddenly in 1948 we see a nation exist again we can be sure that the end time signs reside around the affairs of Israel. If we need to know the signs look to the affairs in Jerusalem and Israel. 

We are not saying that Israel is an angelic nation where excesses and errors are not committed but when you take into consideration that the technological advances that Israel contributes globally then you will begin to understand that despite all God’s covenant is working on His People Israel. 

So do not worry about 23rd September. The signs of His Coming are evident. We just need good discerning eyes to see and comprehend. 


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