And now for something else…

Psalm 103 says; Israel saw the acts of God and Moses knew the ways of God. 

We are studying in our series How to Bring the Presence of God. We will continue to study this theme. However I sense we need to have a pause for thought. 

The scripture shows two distinct things; Israel is a spectator of the miracles of God, the signs, whilst Moses participates in the processes that brings the signs; the parted seas, the protection from the Angel of Death, provision in the desert, the cloud and pillar of fire as signs of God’s Glory. 

What I have been meditating on the last few days is the lack of correlation of thinking today and Biblical principles which shows how God operates. 

We are becoming fast with our Technology and our sensory demands that things need to happen quickly and to a reachable formula. When you consider the complexity of the human psyche you begin to understand the complexity of God answering our ardent prayers. We pray without any understanding of God’s ways. 

We can draw parrallels between the children of Israel in the desert and ourselves today. 

When you consider that Moses stayed 40 days on the Mountain to be given blueprints of the Tabernacle, how the whole nation were to be organised, the laws to be laid down in stone and written on scrolls, we somehow get the idea that for God to direct us we may need those 40 days. 

The lack of intimacy in God’s ways , causes us to see our exodus from bondage than being a rescue from death and hell; that our gratefulness turns from worship to a sense of entitlements. When those inner entitlements are not met we complain. God allowed thirst to plague them to show their real heart. They complained.

When we consider the night the spies returned, a negative report swayed the mood of the whole nation but two men; Joshua and Caleb. They were preserved to the next generation to inherit what God had reserved for them.

They waited over 40 years! Yet they waited faithfully.

So what are we waiting for in this season?

It is because we are so far removed from the ways of God from the way the Word is presented, the secular society that presses its values on us, the capitalist expectations, the discrimination of age, race, creed, we become conditioned. 

Paul says; Be not conformed but be transformed…

Our Gospel is presented with a contemporary easy to understand package. We rationalise and make easy to conclude ways which we can acquire what we need if we follow careful neatly packaged steps. In the end we can almost be proposing a “truth” which borders on positive thinking. 

Many of the miracles and transitions in my life have not just involve me getting “what I  want ” but rather a delicate work to represent perfectly the character of God in my inner man, the process determined by my own comprehension and submission. 

Then once I can comprehend my own progression is also dependent on the people I network with, because maybe through those same corporate groups where God has a destiny for me. Their own comprehension must correlate with mine.

Biblically we find this in Luke 2. Simeon walks in the Spirit, receives revelation, is led into the Temple. So let us examine;

1. Simeon is in the Spirit; heart condition 

2. Simeon has a revelation; his comprehension.

3. Simeon is led into the Temple; he moves physically as Jesus enters. 

As it is with all of us; a delicate process. 

Right now tendencies are forming to meet a generation where instant answers and solutions are being presented; a instant answering God, marriage demands for instant feel good factor. Families with the notion that God must preserve their secular materialistic lifestyle. 

The Church as it seeks to be contemporary will eventually find that it is far away from Jesus Himself.. 

Jesus said: ” in that day many will say Lord Lord, did we not do miracles and prophesy in your name, expel demons? I will say depart from me for i do not know you.” 

The fact is does Jesus know us? Does His Spirit bring us into processes where we intimately follow Him in all comprehension?? 

Our modernism and our ready recourse to social media to be saturated by opinion, itinerary, so called moves and refreshing, strategies, can in some circumstances be indicative of God moving. But in a world more and more dangerous the Church will be ineffective to provide the answers beyond their formula based preaching.

Moses knew God’s ways, and in all God transmitted a long term plan. People today look only to today and their perceived sensory and sensual needs. 

The only way to get a notion of what God’s ways are is take time to study God’s Word and allow Him to reveal Himself to you. Do not be conformed by external pressures but be led to godly leaders who preach that process is better than achieving instantaneous goals.

A people who seek God for themselves will catch His ways and will be part of a process where true wonders, true revivals take place.


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