The HARBINGER of Change Part 1; Introduction

Change… no-one disputes that changes are constant. The dispute is how those changes occur.

This series is to examine how change occurs from a Biblical perspective.

Revelation 22 says “Behold I make all things new”

That is a cataclysmic shift in which the earth as we know it is replaced with something completely new. 

Some of what I will share in this series is examine the greatest changes in Scripture bringing contemporary examples that can mirror what we see in current events.

The Fallacy of Chaos 

There is sometimes confusion as to what we define as being chaos; confusion. I am coming to a realisation that all that occurs even in moments of apparent chaos contribute and work together for events which culminate in the manifestation of Kingdom and Yeshua’s reign over all. 

Even though we can blame wars, political conflict, economic crashes, robbery on colossal scale, murders, fires etc., upon human or chance agents, there are two agents at work and we must understand that the prime agenda of each is distinct and definite in their motivation. 

As there is a defined programme in the Kingdom of God and also the Kingdom of Darkness then it is fair to say that chaos beyond control of either Kingdom is a fallacy. Scripture speaks to believers in Romans 8.28;

For all things work together for good for those who love God and are called to His Purpose.” 

It is a definite framework from which all transition and change will work. 

From the realm of the Kingdom of darkness , to try to destroy the fabric of this creation in itself a fallacy in terms of objective because Yeshua Himself will call time. 

What Satan is trying to destroy now will be done away with. Also by destroying lives the extent of divine efforts through the Gospel will be seen by all as the life that should be led.

Chaos in its pure sense does not exist. 

True agents of Change 

God shows in the Bible the mechanisms of Change. He is an agent of Change. He promotes the change in the human heart influencing the environment and world. 

The devil through his agent of Change exposed in Revelation 22 is promote moral depravity to deceive and destroy. His plan came undone at the Cross because the destiny of these negative agents is that good and all that unifies will win over. 

This series has been a long time coming. 

Much thought has gone into the direction of this site because we must always be inspired with new things not just theorizing with theology. We must reach thinking and intelligent people with that which inspires. 

The understanding of the Harbingers of Change will cause us to align ourselves in difficult moments when we pray and do not see answers. When our families are in conflict, in pain, in need. 

The series must give principles but also be practical. What we need is to ask Yahweh that He comes and opens our eyes, we align our lives, and He transform our steps. 

The Bible is clear: what a man sow he will also reap. 

The path laid before us is not hidden from view. The Bible shows us clearly. Let us embark with eyes and ears open!!!


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