Wait for David…


The people had birthed in their spirits the notion that God was bringing Kingship into their midst. There was a problem…they cried to soon. 

They demanded of Samuel, the national prophet of the time, a king, to produce a king. The result is that God gave them what they wanted…Saul. 

The result of this hastiness was 40 years of grief. Yet God was preparing in the wilderness, the green pastures with the sheep, David. He was not ready for the Kingship of the Lord.

It takes time to form David, from the anointing of Samuel to him becoming king of Israel, took 13 years. How much more a new leadership generation.

And because they cried out too soon, Saul allowed Israel’s enemies mercy when he should have executed the judgment of the Lord. When God took from him the kingdom he became demonised.

How many leaders are becoming demonised because they refused to leave their position because God had departed from them. The anointing today is being transferred and humility and tenderness are those who will receive it. God will raise up the meek and lowly to places of great influence.

God is going to deal with “Saul” in one day…and it will seem to be like a defeat but instead God will bring forth the manifestation of David.

The key is patience. Do not cry out for something you are not ready to receive. Discern the seasons and wait….

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