Prophetic Word for a new economy

When we speak of economy we immediately think of money. Wrong. 

When we speak of God’s economy we are speaking of foundations of covenant and favour. 

Money is the lowest form of resourcing. 

Yet Money has taken over our thinking and our doing because the commodity rules society. It governs through all spheres unseen and seen.

Yet God wants us to get away from this. Money is a type of covenant. But it has the power to enslave. God’s resources come into being by supernatural means. 

I believe that for any congregation or Church organisation to survive the next season it needs to dispose of worldly principles which govern those same resources.  God’s resources are governed by different foundational principles. 

2 Kings 4 shows us clearly those principles at work. 

We meet a widow who has lost her means of sustenance. There was no widows pension in those days.  Becoming a widow in backslidden Israel meant certain death. So she is under the power of debt . Now according to modern day economists view the whole global economy survives and leverages debt. Debt servicing is a lucrative business. But for those without assets the power of debt is enslavement. 

Not only that but the creditor was coming to take her son’s into slavery as payment. So what we see is a generational implication of the power of debt. Yeshua calls this mammon.  So what we see here in this story is the generational deliverance God wants to bring to His Ecclesia. 

She comes to the prophet for help. The prophet asks what she has. She has oil. A small amount. 

The prophet tells her to borrow vessels large and small and many of them and begin to pour.

The first key principle to Kingdom economic breakthrough is available vessels. We need to be available to God. God is wanting to pour His oil into us.  The widow had to have faith to keep getting vessels. 

The second principle to breaking away from mammon and entering into Kingdom breakthrough is close the door. 

This means sanctify your home. Close the door on worldly philosophies and mindset, attitudes, and tendencies of being. In closing the door you are doing like the Israelites in the night of their exodus, when they painted Lamb’s blood over their doors and closed them as the Angel of death passed over Egypt. As we close the door we are symbolically painting Yeshua’s Blood over our doors and making a sign in the spiritual realms that the “Angel of death” that our home is the home of the just. 

We must shut the door on opinion and human wisdom that even exists within leadership and local Churches. 

The next key is to see that in pouring out in faith we are pouring in. We see that as the widow and her son’s poured out the vessel of oil was always full. Never became empty. 

If we see ourselves as vessels we too will never be empty. 

Today what governs the world economy is FEAR. So much abuse and fraud reigns that our faith has been closed off so much we stop pouring out. I am not just speaking of finance. I am talking about any work of love and prayer. Our fear is isolating and dismembering the community of faith. In that community of faith should flow love, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit! But FEAR brings suspicion and a human tendency to withdraw to me,my and mine syndrome. 

The widow so long as she poured out, her faith in God caused the vessel of oil to be always full.

God is a giving God. He is always giving. Think about salvation and all the blessing God gives you each day. 

If He is generous in every way then so should we be, as He has been with us. I am speaking of every quality and work of love. 

The greatest manifestation of FEAR in our communities of faith is selfishness. It brings spiritual coldness. That way where there is no flow there is no life. 

God says flow out, pour out and I will pour in. 

The next key is pay your debt and live on the rest. 

God is bringing us through our generosity into a season of debt cancellation.. It is not just paying off debts but believing not just debts paid but abundance. 

Yeshua said ” I have come to bring life and life in abundance. ” John 10:10.

Many prophesy these principles as though it will happen automatically and try to extract money from the readers. Just as Solomon asked for wisdom instead of riches and the life of his enemies God made him both rich in wisdom and wealth. 

My purpose in this message is to prophetically call for steps to your breakthrough so that in your circle of influence you may come into a consciousness of your privilege , consciousness of your position, consciousness of your  power, so that in breaking through so the oil will flow out over the whole Body of Christ. 

We can resign ourselves into recession or revive to replenishment. My motives are these. 

God wants to bring us into His Economy but He cannot until we take on His Nature, obey His command, and love His People. 

This love demonstrated at the Cross means we can never out give God. He lavished His Mercy on us, gave us sonship, gave us His Nature, gave us His Hope.

What will you give to His People???


Russell A Durose


4 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for a new economy

  1. This message was very deep and full of revelation about the biblical principles of God’s Economy versus the World’s Economy. God’s Economy is based in covenant and favour, however the World’s Economy is the lowest resourcing, money rules every area of society and makes the man a slave instade of making him free, and promote fear in mankind. Nowadays the Media speak so much about every type of freedom, and ironically World’s governments are slaving people and nations. The story of the widow, narrated in 2 Kings 4 take us to another level of understanding of the curse of debt, because our Church’s instead of being a community of faith, love, compassion, joy, peace and care. Our Church has became selfish, fearful and their leaders try to keep all the financial resources to invest in their own salarys, became insensitive to the needs of the widow, the orphans, those who are living in starvation, in unemployment and are completely enslaved by debts. We are not speaking about strangers, but about our brothers and sisters in Christ, our family. Why do the leaders became insensitive? because they are much more interested in building their own empires, instead of being empty vassels that allow God and His Holy Spirit to pour over them the anointing that breaks every yoke, every power of debt. As the prophet Elisha said to the widow to not stop the flow of the oil in every vassel until he gives her the order of stop. This miracle set her free from the curse of debt, because she payed it all and earned all the provision for the rest of her life. When we became vassels of Jesus, we allow the flowing of God’s Holiness in our lives and our meetings, our churches will be transformed in Houses of Prayer and not temples of ” Spiritual Business Leaders” that use the Name of God as a business! It’s urgent that our generation, the generation of Elijah cry, call, pray and lead the generation of Issac, Jacob and Joshua, the generation that will bring the Revival of this country and to the nations around the world. We should bring God’s Economy by take on His nature, obey His commands and love His people. If we accept God’s challenge, we will become more prosper in the society, we will sow sacrificially into Missions that preach the Gospel to every creature and our priests and kings will be positioned in God’s Houses of Prayer. I was so blessed by this message that I feel renewed and full of hope and faith!

  2. Paula you caught the essential points of the message. One thing that impacted me is the lack of revelation we have concerning the generosity of God with us. What God has given is incredible yet we are not generous with each other. Could this lack of generosity be a lack of being conscious of His Generosity or is it ungratefulness? Maybe ungratefulness is a lack of this consciousness. Maybe so. Loved your commentary as you put so much effort into writing it and thought too. May God cause us to be a generous People, not just financially, but our time, our love, our care.

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