Prophetic Word for the Prophets and intercessors 

Ezekiel 47

God is leading us to His River. We need to see that it has its source from the Altar under the Threshold of the Temple. The Lord wants us to spell out to the saints in the Ecclesia that the source of our identity and our blessings come from the Cross of Calvary which is our altar on the south side. 

We very much take for granted all that we are and all that we have. The enormous sacrifice affords for us the benefits and position.

The Angel leads Ezekiel into the River. The Angel of God has come for a leadership generation to LEAD US INTO HIS RIVER! 


It will be phased. The Angel will measure out the depths and lengths. What the Lord shows me is that we are going into 3 specific seasons (kairos) in which we shall go into the River of God. This RIVER is for us to be part.

1. Ankle season; we walk in the Spirit (Gal4)

2. Waist season; we walk in truth (Eph6)

3. Shoulder season; we walk in governmental authority. (Isaiah 9)

So our attention turns as we move into 3 specific seasons that we are part of the River swimming.  The Lord turns to our attention the revival happening on the banks. The fruit and fish. RIVER teeming with life. God says I am coming to bring abundant life.

Our final look is at the Dead Sea.  The water flows and enliven what is dead. This is the world. Dead in sin.

Therefore this prophetic word is for prophets and intercessors to call forth the 3 fold seasons so that the Church becomes part of the River of God in subjection and intimacy.


Russell A Durose



One thought on “Prophetic Word for the Prophets and intercessors 

  1. Amen, God looks to and fro across the earth to find hearts that are true to Him. No groom desires a bride that is incapable of intimacy. Amen, intimacy with Him is where it all begins. And more than ever today God seeks just such a people who are willing to pull away from all the distractions to be alone with Him. In turn God will reequip and raise you up for His plans and purposes with anointing and power.

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