Prophetic Word for British Church

Zechariah 3

And he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him”

 The Lord visited me in London to prophesy over the British Church. Here in the first verse we see Joshua who the Lord said to put the Church instead of the name of Joshua.

The enemy has stood against the Church and has resisted. The arm of the law and lobbies are standing between Yeshua who sits at the right hand. Look at the position of the accuser!! He is stood at the right hand. Between Yeshua and the Church.

How is this manifest? 

It is manifest in the false doctrine that has entered the British Church , the disunity,  the deception. Also sickness has entered and bankruptcy into the lives of leaders and followers alike. This has obscured the revelation of Christ to His Church. 

And the Lord said to the accuser ‘the Lord rebuke you.’ 

This is a season of the Father’s rebuke. Satan will depart along with his falsehoods and false teachers in the UK. 

 Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments and stood before the angel”

The British Church has her garments old and filthy as tradition and error and national humiliation has taken its toll.

 And he answered and spake to those that stood before him saying Take away the filthy garments”

There is coming a command of the Lord to speak into royalty, government, press and media that shall take off the garment of humiliation from the Church!!!  The Lord will restore her national dignity and honour. 

” Thus saith the Lord of hosts, if you will keep my charge then you shall judge my house and keep my courts and will give you a place to walk with those who stand by. “

The Lord is saying to the British Church that as she commits afresh to the charge of His Word He will bring a new authority to judge right up into royalty and government. The courts shall be a new appraisal of law which the revival of the Church shall revive righteous laws which courts shall judge justly. 

Then the Church shall walk in spiritual places where angels walk. Angelic visitations in the cities shall be commonplace and manifestations in the country shall be like never seen before as the British Church has new priestly, prophetic and Kingly robes. 

British Church know your time for honour and revival has come! 


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