The Connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua; As King received of the Father the Holy Spirit who He poured out…

Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, he hath shed forth this, which ye now see and hear. Acts 2:33 KJV Here we celebrate Pentecost Sunday and particularly in my praying God has been speaking to me about this. Pentecost is not about the filling but the instituting and constituting Church  Pentecost is Yeshua’s first kingly act in His position at the Right Hand of the Father.  He receives from the Father the Holy Spirit. He sends from Himself the Spirit to the Church. For Church … Continue reading The Connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua; As King received of the Father the Holy Spirit who He poured out…

The Connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua: The link between Ascension and Pentecost as King 

We continue our series of some time ago.  We have seen Yeshua as our Priest , as our Prophet , and now as our King.  In John 14 Yeshua introduces to the disciples that He is going away. He is returning to the Father. This should not strike fear, but joy. Yeshua would send Someone who would bring Him ever present in every moment.  The Ascension account in Acts 1 is very striking because He is lifted up as two angels are present to the disciples. They remind the disciples that as they see Him go up they would see … Continue reading The Connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua: The link between Ascension and Pentecost as King 

Avoiding the Vacuum; Manchester attack.

Today Manchester has been shaken by the terrorist attack that killed and injured teenagers at a pop concert. I just received word that Parliament has called on Churches in the UK to organise special prayer first for those involved for their families, for the authorities, for Parliament and the Queen. To also pray for the nation.  The terrorist philosophy is to enact a crusade to bring the Mahdi, a Islamic messiah resulting in the subjugation of peoples and their freedoms under an extremist interpretation of Sharia Law. Whilst we live in a multicultural United Kingdom, and we respect the expression … Continue reading Avoiding the Vacuum; Manchester attack.

Your idols my idols

Recently we saw, as we were living in Portugal for many many years how the Catholic Church there celebrates 13th May, in Fatima which is a centre of worship and veneration of Mary, of Fatima. There is a story mixed up in this devotion of an apparition at the beginning of the 20th Century. I saw the cities and villages there celebrating the various saints, the many processions, and images walking down the streets, with great expressions of devotion. We condemn this as “evangelicals” and “protestants.” We condemn the idolatry. However what we condemn, we may also be condemning ourselves. … Continue reading Your idols my idols

UK new Latter Rain

“Times of refreshing will come from the Presence of the Lord” Acts 3:19-21 The Lord is going to bless the UK as it is shortly 70 years since the UK supported the reformation of the state of Israel. The Lord brought to mind that 70 years is a leadership generation. The Captivity lasted 70 years to purify the people of God. The Lord is saying something is about to happen as intercessors pray. For there is going to be a major spiritual battle for the nation. For the intercessors have said ” surely it is time ” and it surely … Continue reading UK new Latter Rain

Prophecy to London

PROPHECY TO LONDON RUSSELL A DUROSE 19.5.17 The Lord says London is His Strategic Hub of influence, flow and networking. The Lord says I will do it, I shall pour out revival over the city…but I require leaders to join together in the One cry for the city. As the city of Nineveh was extended My Mercy so I extend again, afresh my Mercy for London shall be a beacon of spiritual liberty and spiritual life. Her roads, her crossroads shall be full of those in prayer in the coming days…for I shall visit my praying people with a new … Continue reading Prophecy to London

Wait for David…

The people had birthed in their spirits the notion that God was bringing Kingship into their midst. There was a problem…they cried to soon.  They demanded of Samuel, the national prophet of the time, a king, to produce a king. The result is that God gave them what they wanted…Saul.  The result of this hastiness was 40 years of grief. Yet God was preparing in the wilderness, the green pastures with the sheep, David. He was not ready for the Kingship of the Lord. It takes time to form David, from the anointing of Samuel to him becoming king of Israel, took … Continue reading Wait for David…

Sincerity in the Sanctuary

“Suddenly the Lord will come to His Temple” Malachi 3 I will never forget those suddenly moments when the Lord would come and prostrate us as young people on the floor. The Lord responded to a young person being sincere about his life.  The lack of sincerity is so big with us that we prefer to go through the motions of meetings and spiritual things.  There is a place for discipline. There is a place for the structure that comes with following a discipline. One I know well is the monastic structure eschewed by St. Benedict. I have for some … Continue reading Sincerity in the Sanctuary

Prophetic Word for an alternative economy part 2: The widow and a vocation

2 Kings 4  We continue with the same passage concerning the alternative economy. We need to concentrate on the widow who is a person incapable of sustaining herself by natural means.  The Old Testament law states many times that the nation must care for the orphan, widow and Levite. The attitude that God wants to transmit is a attitude of dignified welfare under God. Unfortunately here in the UK the factor of welfare is being demonized. This is that those who depend on the State for a handicap of some sort are seen as lazy and irresponsible. I believe the … Continue reading Prophetic Word for an alternative economy part 2: The widow and a vocation

Prophetic Word for a new economy

When we speak of economy we immediately think of money. Wrong.  When we speak of God’s economy we are speaking of foundations of covenant and favour.  Money is the lowest form of resourcing.  Yet Money has taken over our thinking and our doing because the commodity rules society. It governs through all spheres unseen and seen. Yet God wants us to get away from this. Money is a type of covenant. But it has the power to enslave. God’s resources come into being by supernatural means.  I believe that for any congregation or Church organisation to survive the next season … Continue reading Prophetic Word for a new economy