Prophetic Word for the UK economy

” I will restore to you the years the locusts have eaten” Joel 

The Lord wants to prepare the Christian business people for the next 2 years whilst negotiations take place for the departure from the European Union.

There is a lie abroad that says that the solutions for the economic people lies in the European Community. The UK in negotiating its departure will open doors of new prosperity. 

It will not happen because our trust cannot be in human economics. The Lord shows me that the crash that will come will be precisely believing that a political and sovereign decision to leave the EU brings the results we are looking for.

The Lord shows me that the angel has been commanded to restrict to the UK a flow of resources upon the condition that Christian leaders and businessmen look away from politics and look to the Source of all Resource; Yahweh Jireh. 

So if Christian leaders in the nation sit neutrally by and wait for politics to kick in and bring the solutions they are deceived.

The Book of Kings is replete with backslidden kings who listened to false prophets who prophesied prosperity when times of war and economic ruin were at the door. Let the Church arrange her prophets whilst the nation increasingly grows weary of political solutions.

This will open the door far more quickly to antichrist systems. Leaving what was seen to the great evil of the EU will pave the way for the embracing of a greater evil. 

The key is a “spirit of Isaachar” to be on leaders who will not preach boldly in the process but whimper at the local debates. They need and we need to engage the process with a clear vision. 

I saw a vision today of shops closing and shelves empty of essential goods. I saw people buy the smallest of goods. 

Joseph saw 7 years of prosperity and 7 real hardship.  The Word he brought did not just declare but brought a solution of wisdom. Storehouses.  Store up what they can and create an exchange economy. 

The famine in Joseph’s day had a great purpose.  To bring Jacob and his family down to Goshen and make them into a great nation. 

This collapse I see does not have to happen! God has put the Warning and the Word in the possession of the Church.  The Church must come into repentance and covenant with God for attributing financial prosperity with human political solutions! 

Our thinking has become humanistic.  We have left God’s active move from the equation! 

As there are elections on June 8th so God has called elections on the Church leaders of the nation. 

As leaders point to the real prophetic purpose of leaving the EU and unlock the prayers and heritage of other revivals the Lord will unlock rivers of finances. 

The Lord commands in Joel that the leadership gather and weep and lead the people to the right perspective and prayer. 

Angels and companies of them will be seen in the Welsh mountains and the fords and isles of Scotland. They shall be seen in the Dales and Vales of England. They shall go up and down the land measuring for a new time of glory in Great Britain. 

The key is to prepare the people to engage the political process with the celestial perspective. And then see humanistic people fall away as new economics take the place of predictions by the false commentators.  

The Lord says it is time that the Church sets the trend and the pace of the nation’s fortunes.  

Leaving the EU is a change of spiritual direction for the UK as it’s destiny has nothing to do with the rest of Europe. 

Do not be fooled by a imminent collapse but unite as a Church engaging in heavenly processes through repentance and covenant.


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