The Connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua, part 2: David Man after God’s own Heart.


We have looked at Melchizedek, now we need to look at David, who also moved in all 3 dimensions of walking out the call of God in his life.

He was king without a kingdom, he was a priest without a tabernacle, he was a prophet without recognition. 

The Lord had taken Samuel the prophet to the House of Jesse. He made 7 sons pass Samuel and each one God said “it is not this one.” The first son just looked like Saul. But God gave a swift reply, that is divine criteria for election is not according to appearence but according to the heart. This is a glimpse into where David was at even 17. He was a person well acquainted with God in the hills where he pastored the flocks. It is here that the foundations of what we see in Psalms is contained.

When all 7 sons pass, and God had not indicated who it was He had chosen, I am sure Samuel was beginning to wonder if the visit had been a waste. He asks if there was even another son, to find that he was the forgotten son, who had no business in having a audience with the visiting prophet.

Soon as the prophet saw him the Lord said: “Arise, for this is the one I have chosen.”

The Anointing came on David. 

It is known that as the anointing had come to David, the current king, Saul began to know that the Holy Spirit had withdrawn, and now a torment had come to him. And we can see how in our modern day how God is raising up a generation to be a people after God’s own heart and those who refuse to recognise the new move become the greatest opposition. This is because they are trying to defend what is theirs when it was never theirs, but was given. All gifts and callings are given from God. In this case we wonder how the scripture that speaks of God not taking away calling. And in this case Saul is rejected.

Saul fails the highest tests because it is at a kingly level that he fails to execute God’s judgments. As we can now glimpse, the Kingly stream of ministry requires us to exercise God’s prophetic judgments in the earth. These judgments are prophesied in the Word and by prophets of other generations. And on the kingly stream of our calling the requirement for obedience is so necessary that a failing on this level in terms of refusal to obey, rejection of the new dimensions to walk in, reception of a false doctrine. 

The anointing that was now resting on David was starting to have an effect because the Kingdom was now departing from Saul. David was being prepared whilst Saul was being removed. We see plainly the kingly anointing displace the Philistines when they tormented Israel, with Goliath. David is amazed that the whole army of God cowered in fear. A small youth had come with faith because he saw that He who is greater was greater than this giant. And the solution did not come in human might but an almighty power using stones and a sling.


The King of kings gave David the victory and the Philistines were subdued that day. So when the kingly anointing starts to flow, that stream of ministry flows, the enemy can come with its giants, but nothing can resist the authority of the Most High flowing through us.

And we see the reaction of Saul as attention turns from him to David. Now there was evidently a “new kid on the block.”

And in one day we see God deal with Saul and take the Ark back to the enemy camp. Not even the Ark of the Covenant could save Saul and his sons. That day all that was of the house of Saul fell in the battlefield. We see today that there is a enemy battlefield, and sometimes I wonder if the old generation of leaders dying off is a result of God’s removal.

David’s first act as King is start to flow in his priestly stream in his call. He builds a new tabernacle in Zion. He we see the shadow of the eternal Zion begin to exist in David. David’s heart was for God to dwell with men. What David understood was for God to dwell with man, there needed to be a tabernacle, needed to be a priesthood, and needed to be a Covenant. 

We read of David’s recovery of the ark, the enemy having sent it back, now David has a desire to bring the Ark to Zion. The first attempt was disastrous because David was moving on intention not following divine ordinances revealed in the Word. We see there is a 3 month period in which he searches out the scriptures in how to transport the Ark. And we see here the zeal of David as he flows in the priestly stream and finally brings the Ark as how God wants it brought. The Ark rests in Zion and the Glory falls. We read in Psalms how this tabernacle had no veil, but the Glory of God was accessible to all who would come to worship.


Then there comes to the heart of David the ultimate plan, the Temple, a stone structure on the Mount of Zion. Here the tabernacle, being a fragile structure become a permanent feature of the nation.

The plan thought out and drawn out is at first endorsed by Nathan, but after Nathan was instructed that because David was making space for Solomon. Therefore it was not for him to build and to dedicate.

We see firmly that David in being extended Covenant in the form of Sure Mercies just before his fall with Bathsheba and the death of the child conceived, and David’s forgiveness by God, and the consequences which came after, we see David prepare the way for the rest for Solomon. Solomon came out of David’s retribution in repentance to God, who righteously assumed Bathsheba as his wife, which in turn, the union beget the most wisest man to ever live.

We see it is through Solomon that the greatest structure and Greatest manifestation of Glory and Fire, the greatest order of Priesthood instituted. But we must remember that Solomon followed the Davidic vision.

So we must see that David’s priestly flow was ultimately generational in the sense that what David started was flowed into the kingship of his son.

If we examine 2 Chronicles 6 and 7 we see the dedication prayer, the Levitical Order take its place, the Zadok order come forward to be present in the sealing of covenant with God. We see the prayer of Solomon and God’s response to this with Word, Fire and Glory.


The reason for this Divine Response resides in the prophetic flow in the calling of David. The prophetic flow in our calling brings a clarity of vision and design of God. David received the plan of God for both tabernacle and temple. The Tabernacle represents a season where Zion is established as a meeting place between God and man. Now the Temple represents the priesthood which brings both salvation and direction and blessing of God for the nation. They are specific seasons that the nation passed through. The Psalms talk of the people meeting God in the tent at night, at the dawn. I believe as a people today we are in the tabernacle season,  where our “Zion” is being established so that God can bring a solidification of kingly, priestly and prophetic ministries in their orders and in the Divine Order.

We need to be looking afresh at what is Priesthood again. Whilst the Reformation brought the doctrines back to refreshing and successive moves of the Lord restored different truths back to our consciousness. But in the restoration we have also rejected the whole notion of what is priesthood. What are the ordinances of the Lord. The prophetic flow in our calling must lead us into a clear vision of what is the structure of our Tabernacle and our Temple. We must follow it to its exact measurement and design. Without which there is no glory!!!

In considering the prophetic flow in the life of David we see him being lifted from his own establishing Kingdom to a eternal Kingdom ruled by One who would be His Descendent who would rule an eternal Kingdom, a realm without end.


This Kingdom which would, and is eternal would be established on Davidic foundations. Yeshua is the Root of David. And this is what gives us the consistency of what the Bible presents. Many many people see the Bible as mythical, legendary, but when you investigate and when you study you see a consistency of truth that cannot be found in scientific or any other realm of teaching.

To conclude, we must see that David, like Melchizedek establishes yet AGAIN the flow of the 3 realms that must flow in us through Yeshua. David saw into heaven in Psalm 110 and saw a conversation between Yeshua and His Father. We see through David a realm of revelation, and through his priestly flow we see the House of God built, and fire and glory fall, in such as the smoke filled the house, all prostrated, and God blessed the land. The people had peace, and the king was so wise and rich. The priestly flow manages the Presence of God that it is central to who we are each moment. And David as King, by that anointing flow we see a space for God to rule and reign. 


Russell A Durose

8th April 2017

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2 thoughts on “The Connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua, part 2: David Man after God’s own Heart.

  1. Hi,

    I don’t know how you came to this conclusion (The Connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua), but certainly is a joy to read it, why I liked David so much?, and see the character of David in Yeshua and backwards?, Jesus is Yeshua, that’s for sure, and Jesus is…?…

    “Behold, the days come, saith The Lord, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth.” Jeremiah 23:5 King James Version (KJV)

    Thank you, it is just a thought.


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