The Connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua: Meeting Melchizedek means Meeting God 

Here we will start breaking down the series concerning this awesome connection. 

If we really connect with this we will see an impact in our local congregation.

Melchizedek came from Shalom…bringing forth…

The Greek word for the city is Shalem, a variant of Shalom…

Shalom is more than a Greeting it is a state of being. Shalom means Peace, prosperity, health and wholeness. So it is no surprise that he who comes forth as kingly, priestly and Prophetic would come forth from a place which embodied these blessings.

God is going to bring forth our Melchizedek from a place of peace to extend to us peace, extend to us prosperity and fruifulness.  

Melchizedek is bringing forth…all the conditions for Abram to enter into the fullness of His calling.. 

Bread and New Wine…there is significance what Melchizedek brings with Him. He brings bread and New Wine. They go together. He is coming with the fresh revealed Word as bread, to bring us into His Ecclesia, which is His Body which is symbolized in the bread. The New Wine being the joy of accessing a place of covenant. We can enter into the Holy of Holies through the Blood symbolized in the wine. 

And He was a priest unto the Most High…God spoke to me that Melchizedek is the first example of priesthood in the Word. And our example must come from this order God instituted…He goes into the Presence of the Most High to minister unto Him. Our priesthood example in Melchizedek only starts in the measure of our ministering unto the Most High..

Melchizedek had a revelation of God which was quite rare for His day. He was known as the Most High because He is esteemed and as He esteemed He manifests from that height of vision and faith.

So I ask; where is the Most High in your priesthood? In your ministry? Is God called on just for your needs or He is exalted in your adoration so that He can be what He is!!

This Priest brings out the covenant meal which will be ratified directly with Abram in chapter 15. 

The priest administers the conditions to access God’s ratification in your life. Maybe God spoke to you many things yet to be ratified as you need to receive Yeshua of the Order of Melchizedek in the Most High.

God calls today as a day of ratification!

And Melchizedek blesses Abram of the Most High and possessor. This is very telling because as Prophet Melchizedek is specifying the parameters of Abram’s calling in the earth. And as God is possessor of all the earth so this ability is now being conferred prophetically through the blessing which Melchizedek is speaking over Abram. As God is possessor now Abraham is now receiving this same possessor to possess for God. 

The prophetic needs to flow not from vessels which have abandoned the priestly because there is a detail and there is a strategy to unlock destiny. For this the prophet must meet the Most High for Him to be known and flowed in. Therefore what we are establishing here is that the prophetic flows out of our priesthood unto the Most High.

Who is “Most High” in your life? If the Lord is not “Most” High then He is not God in your life. 

The blessing comes to confirm the dominion over enemies and Abrams possessor calling…possessing for the Possessor of all. 

And as he lived with the Possessor He could no longer accept anything which could claim investment or influence beyond direct divine guidance. 

In chapter 15 we see God meet with Abram cutting covenant and activating him into His calling as father of many nations. He spoke out of the fire and the darkness to bring an awareness of a calling which would span thousands of years. His spiritual legacy flows down to us. 

The first thing God says to Abram is that He would revive what was dead and plant His seed to conceive. No legal heir of Eliezer was for God. God would make a dead womb come alive. And Isaac would be conceived.

When the priestly, prophetic and Kingly sets to work all death and natural laws are suspended in favour of an eternal plan. 

The scene is set to start a generational calling which the covenant and the faith is handed down. 

When the priestly, prophetic and kingly start to operate the Lord works through us the judgment of the Lord brings Displacement of evil and when iniquity is full God Himself brings down people, powerbases and ideologies that oppose His People. Kingdoms fall in favour of God’s Kingdom. We just need to speak it out.  

“And a burning lamp passed…” chapter 15: 17.

There is a lamp He will light in our home and in our ministry which will bring the Manifestation of personal covenant in our lives. 

“Unto your seed…” covenant makes us bear seed when we were barren. The priestly, prophetic and kingly brings us into possessing territory that will not only judge and bring down but shall defend the poor and orphan. 

Our covenant is not just for us but for our family so that we spiritually together bear  seed so that the covenant passes down in anointing and GIFTING to another generation .

May we as “Melchizedek” propel others into the fullness of their calling so that it will change the destiny of the whole earth.


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