27 Years now! Personal Post


Generally this time of year I always remember the passing of my father, Grenville Terence Durose. For all of us of my family, we have never recovered from the loss. He was in my view a father and a man of great sacrifice and that sacrifice cost his life.

I do not want to wound sensibilities of family members who will read this, and have the memories of 27 years ago flooding back! For them they have their own 27 years of walking through loss, coming to terms with a turning point in the lives of those who live in loss.

In years past I majored in my posts on Facebook, and elsewhere on my experience, and this is valid and encouraging for all concerned. However not everyone shares my experience nor shares the strategies and ways of being that I have learned in 27 years. This year I have took upon myself after weeks of reflection to present something at this time which is different.

Death in any family is always catastrophic and marks a tearing at the fabric, in which the same family member, loved and cared for is separated by time and eternity. There is a truth in this bereavement process: there is also a lie.

The lie is we will get over it! The fact is WE NEVER DO! I am sure most of you reading this from your own bereavement processes would bear me out on this!!! The truth of the bereavement process; which never ends, is we acquire a special Grace which enables us to have the power and the strength to face BEREAVEMENT with faith and hope. Not everyone shares this perspective for which I say there exists a dimension beyond our own which requires faith to access.

The loss of a loved one is always a CONFRONTATION in time of ETERNITY. The thought is where are they now? I believe that my father who gave his life to Christ in the closing days, through the leadership of Pastor Ray Graham, got access to that eternal dimension. This is not to mean to say that there is no suffering as a person departs this life.

Everyday we are confronted with famous ones, going suddenly, let us remember George Michael, Terry Wogan, and many others who departed very suddenly, and we are reeling from the mere shock. Further afield yesterday I was remarking with my friend Mike the films of Robin Williams, particularly Mrs Doubtfire. We miss him dearly!!!

My friends, I have tried to portray a real picture from this tribute to my own father. For me 27 years ago are a turning point where I began to be a MAN. I had to grow up suddenly and perceive I could no longer hide behind a paternal figure and access the Paternity of God. Indeed at the time, I accessed a comfort the family did not share, yet for all of us, his passing will never be forgotten.

To conclude it shall be REMEMBERED always as a mixture of pain and gain.

Let this minister to you reality and comfort. The Christian faith does not gloss over, does not throw the pain under the proverbial carpet, it faces them head on and provides the answers we need.

May God of all Comfort touch your hearts and cause you to access the same Grace I access each day.

Today we shall continue our series on Melchizedek, David and Jesus, and God will minister to us.


Bless you all, and thankyou for your time and your companionship in this journey called Life.

Russell A Durose


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