I prayed that your faith not fail

Jesus reveals something that went on in the spiritual realm. Satan came to converse with God about Simon Peter. He made a request. That Peter be sifted. Satan was going to put Peter into a spiritual sieve that after shaking him we would see what was left.

God agreed to the request. Yet Yeshua steps in and prays that Peter not lose faith. What Yeshua prayed and petitioned was that Peter not cease walking in faith. 

I am looking at all this in the original Greek to see what is behind this. To get some insights.

If Satan was to put you in his sieve what would be left as a core motivation?

And in knowing our core  motivation do we do what Peter did and that is deny connection with Yeshua? 

We must really find out when this trial from Satan started. 

It started when Peter saw Yeshua seized by the chief priests and badly treated as a heretic. We see the majority of the religious leaders of the day in their human force bear down on Yeshua. 

Questions must have arisen whether in the 3 years Peter walked with Jesus whether he had walked with a heretic.  And where was the revolution that he expected? Now Yeshua was being treated like a common criminal. 

So the 3 times that he denied Yeshua was the culmination of the sifting Satan was doing. What happened afterward was that Peter fled the seen and went into hiding until Jesus was in Galilee. 

Jesus prayed for Peter and made a specific request. That he would not lose faith. Not only does Yeshua pray but Yeshua saw to it that Peter was restored in himself to take on the calling Yeshua had for him.

Many of us are being sifted like Peter. Yeshua has made a specific request to the Father and Yeshua will change our season Himself. We will be brought into a greater love union with Him. He will show us our failings and yet He will show us a calling we need to move into. 

Satan asks but he does not have the last Word. Jesus asks and He turns the sifting into shifting. 

May we see great depths in what we live.

Personal: I sent via Facebook several messages to many of you. They did come from me. Be assured. Many believe inbox can be scams and viruses. Pray for me. 


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