Show me Your Glory as Your Name Is Declared 

Exodus 33

The Lord is reacting to the sin of the people and promises not to go up but send His angel. 

Today God is refusing to go up in all His Glory because it is a demonstration of His Mercy. Look at Moses’ attitude he does not content himself with angels but he desires the glory. He desires God’s best. 

God can act toward the individual but many times He is speaking and acting corporately to a spiritual leadership generation. 

What I have come to realise that there is much profaning  what is sacred, and sanctifying what is profane and what God wants to do with an individual or group is speak or move but He cannot. He cannot because their attention is strictly in temporal benefits. 

Moses is very bold with the Lord defying the strategy that God instituted with Moses making an oath into Himself to bring the people up to their Promised Land yet now Moses is saying if there is no Glory he did not want to walk without.

Brother and sister is time to be bold with God. We are not content with His Mercy and plan B. We want plan A. 

God poured out His Spirit in Acts 2 without measure. Are we content with the occasional goosebumps? Today we have mere drops when in Acts 2 we had a deluge! Is it not time to be like Moses? Is it not time to say: God if you will not come in glory we will not go into those things you promised? 

Reminds me of the prayers of the men in the barn in Barvas in 1948. They caught the promises of Psalm 24 and saw that God promised to fulfil His covenant.  They challenged in prayer and God shook the barn and transformed a community. 

Our prayers are politically correct. God wants dialogue with us!! 

So Moses dialogues with the Ancient of Days and He relents. There are many places God is no longer present to meet with men, But the prayers of a righteous man avails much! God then attends to us and carries out the efficacy of our intercessors dialogue!!

God responds : I know you… ( v17)..

Does God know you? This knowing is greater than knowing you in your creature state it denotes a spiritual union. It is the word yadah.  It signifies physical union or high level of intimacy. 

Recently God said to me that we seek the work of His Hands but do not dare to look into His Face. How sad! 

Moses responds; show me your glory. 

God responds; I will pass by you. 

God wants a generation in that in that place of deep dialogue God agrees to pass by us.. 

But when God was to pass He was to declare His Name.

This denotes that when He passes He leaves a pure Revelation and leaves a purity of understanding with us. 

Today much is proclaimed that is not rooted in the passing glory.. 

God in mercy hid Moses as He passes. We see we are hidden in Christ. 

To conclude we must aspire for His best and ask Him to pass by us. This is so That We see Him and know Him. 

Let us ask that this leadership generation open a new dialogue with God so that He may MANIFEST in great power!


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