And there was given to me a thorn in my flesh…

2 Corinthians 12. 

There are many schools of thought about what was Paul’s thorn. What is clear is that it was a messenger of Satan.

The purpose was so that he would not be conceited about his revelations in God.

Paul wrote this to a people who were confused about an apparent contradiction  in the life of Paul. He moved in great Revelation and miraculous power. But it seems that he was buffeted violently by something which threatened all what was revealed and the miracles. This something was a messenger from Satan. He was given permission by God to afflict Paul. 

There was a lesson to be learnt. He could not rely on his Revelation in God nor the miracle he performed to get success. He must never forget that it is only by Grace. 

And what that means is that he must live moment by moment depending on the enabling of God to keep going. At that level of ministry God must refine and cause us to walk humbly and dependent on Him alone. 

For one reality we can be stood in God and for one attitude we can fall like Satan who fell like lightning. So who better to try Paul than he who was conceited and fell like lightning. And in resisting this fallen conceited being Paul could come into s greater realm of overcoming. 

When God says that His Grace is sufficient He means that Paul needed to look to grace as his source of overcoming. 

I write this message today as this is a personal message to demonstrate that today am in the same place. The revelations and ministry come with a price and am feeling it today. Am in a struggle.  I am being sifted and Jesus has prayed for me that my faith not fail. 

Would appreciate your prayers also. 


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