The Lord whom you seek shall suddenly come to His Temple…

Malachi 3: 1-3

“..and the Lord whom you seek shall suddenly come to His Temple, even the messenger of the Covenant, whom you delight in, because He shall come. But who may abide the day of His Coming? and who shall stand when He appears, for He is a refiner’s fire and He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver…”

The Lord who we are seeking will suddenly come…and who shall be able to stand when He comes, all we will be able to do is prostrate ourselves as He comes in Glory.

But why does He come suddenly? Because we are seeking after Him with all of our hearts. 


He is coming to His Temple….when Jesus spoke about the Temple in Jerusalem He said the Temple would be destroyed and in 3 days would rise again. The Temple is in our hearts in Him. When He died the scriptures record that the Temple Veil was rent in two and the inner sanctuary was exposed. What did people perceive? It was a place where there was no glory. And Jesus exposed the empty place…because they had gone on in their own righteousness Romans 10:3.

So we can establish that the new Temple is you and I, so therefore He will suddenly appear in our hearts. 

“Even the messenger of the Covenant.” He has come to our hearts with a message…it is a message of promises from God, who extends to us a platform for relating to Him, and having intimacy with Him. Are you aware of your personal covenant? From it flows all favour, provision, miracles, healing.

Whom you delight in” God is building in our hearts a DELIGHT for Him, and IN Him. Psalm 37 promises for those delight in God the desires of their hearts…God is pouring out healing in our hearts, so that we can TRULY DELIGHT in Him without there being traumas, unforgiveness, bitterness in our hearts!!

Oh that our devotion be so ardent!!!

“But who shall abide the day of His Coming?”

We seem to get content with a little goosebump now and again, but this visitation is no goosebump! It is the full weight of His Presence. 2 Chronicles 7 said the glory appeared in the Temple and all bowed down because of the weight of it. Who can stand? Who can abide? No sinner, no person who lives a double life, hidden agendas can stand such a presence WITHOUT REPENTING FIRST!

“He is a refiner’s fire”

The manifestation that is coming is FIRE! This fire when it touches our soul will make us bare before Him and ourselves, and we shall be amazed at the ugliness of our sin and the deceitfulness of our motives. It is needed and it will be our making in Him.

“He shall refine the sons of Levi”

Levi, means “joined” and there are those who are so joined to the Lord but this world and its cares have somewhat TARNISHED THEIR SILVER. He is a purifier of silver. He shall make it bright and shiny again…he shall rub His Anointing into us!

My friends the Lord is going to appear in these days suddenly, and He shall come to you. Acts 3:19 says God will send Jesus TO YOU before He comes for you. So He is coming to refine those He has joined to Him, and those who are joined are finding a new DELIGHT and a NEW JOY. He is taking off the misty film from our spirit and making us shine as polished silver…come Lord Jesus…come suddenly Lord…and make us delight in you so that we can be a temple full of Him.


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