I saw the Lord: Part 1; changing of the guard opens up for Visitation 

In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.

Isaiah 6:1 KJV

We start precisely on a day when a new President is sworn in in the USA. In the first verse we see a transition take place in the corridors of power. It was in this unsettling time that God gives the prophet an open vision into the Temple. 

There are many changes taking place, beyond the respectable continuations but rather ruptures with the status quo. The prophet saw the Lord. In times of death, it can be unusual to see hope never mind the Lord. And it is what is treated in the first verse; death.

In Joshua 1 God emphatically draws to a close of a era; “Moses my servant is DEAD. “.  Nothing unsettled human nature in any age than a death. And sometimes it takes one who knows the Lord to know death is a gateway to change. 

It seems to me that systems of the world are in their death throes and all to demonstrate our need for a change of spiritual leadership and new WINESKIN. 

God moves through the change and passing of generations. And what we have seen in 2016 demonstrates more and more the changes never before expected.  

But the changes we have seen through changes in Presidents and prime ministers demonstrates movement in the spiritual realms. When God’s people get praying the very foundations are broken up.

We read in Daniel a particular example of these spiritual changes reflected in the progression of Kingdoms of the time. When he understood that Jeremiah’s prophecy of 70 years had come to completion and time for restoration of God’s people to Jerusalem was to be high, it was revealed that kingdoms of Babylon and Egypt must weaken and fall first.

He saw a vision of the kingdoms represented by princes in the spiritual realm. They would war and fall. The kingdom of Persia would fall also after Cyrus to the Greeks and would come Rome. All this revealed to Daniel.

Christians and Churches have become so polarised by the politics of the issue that they are BLIND TO THE MOVEMENTS OF PRINCES OF THE SPIRITUAL REALM. And instead of exercising their Prophetic discernment in discerning the works of heaven descended in their role to being mere political activists. 

And Churches have largely become defensive by their self preservation that strategy is elevated above Spirit. 

The call therefore in this hour where leaders come and go in every realm; Is to see. 

What do you See? A person who represents a mere political or ambition filled agenda? Or do you see the Lord? 

If you are motivated by men you will be manipulated by them.  However you need to see a vision of the Lord! 

And from that vision comes call and comes a flow of Grace and Salvation from Heaven. 

And when does that happen? In moments of great change and instability. 

God calls dead a season and causes us to embrace our new found role. Do not be comfortable in your “system ” because as many as accept you in one moment can leave you in isolation . The Prophetic office sees beyond into the things of heaven. It needs a voice from the “wilderness ” to call a covenant people to the river of repentance so that when Jesus appears they will recognise and receive. 


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