New Jerusalem Pattern part 8; the perfecting community 

This will be the last message concerning this theme. I shall start a new theme; ” I saw the Lord” based on Isaiah 6.

In this day of communication and the flow of information the art of relating and forming community is gradually being eroded away by fear and by selfishness. I do not only speak of the world but in the so called “church” where more and more we hear of the abuses which indicate the lack of community. 

When in Revelation 21 John is shown the Bride; surprised to see a descending city coming down from heaven; whose description is that indication of symbolic realities which make up the DNA of a covenanted community which God perfects by His Grace to those who apply the covenants in imperfect sincerity. 

This community was shown to Abraham, the father of our faith, as being those who put aside their affinities to go into unfamiliar territories to find that which is greater. 

Jesus Himself alluded not just to the eternal city but the eternal temple not built with hands. This eternal temple must have two communal realities. These being a face to face; spirit to Spirit oneness with God; and by implication have a face to face ; heart to heart unity with God’s covenanted people.  

These are interwoven within the eternal plan of Yahweh. Demonstrated by Yeshua. Yet what we see today is an “Ephesian Church reality” in that having access to the realities and the knowledge of them via technological advances yet having no heart; knowledge without passion and without ardent love. 

It seems that men are fashioning their “ idea ” of God and His Ecclesia with ideas of their own ambition and self preservation. Paying lip service to the “communal interaction ” with God and His people brought into covenant. 

God reveals His Heart if we truly have an eternal consciousness to us with Holy fear in that our value system of His people is not based on them fulfilling a man made agenda but embracing a eternal agenda born in the heart of God. 

This agenda means bringing His people into covenant by His Blood to become sons. Means bringing people into acts of love through the Manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit which motivate them to a heart of service which manifests in the spiritual gifts; which births the Call to service via enabling to become a 5 fold Ascension Gift minister. 

When these avenues are substituted via programs which limit or prevent this multifaceted flow it is to be doubted if a said congregation has the nature of the Ecclesia. Saints are to serve and to be given the opportunity to ascertain their destiny and be helped to arrive there. 

It is not enough to fill one with just knowledge but the tools to MANIFEST the nature they were baptised into. 

A community is filled with different people with different functions and must embrace a collective objective and collective well being. 

The perfect community of the New Jerusalem must be filled with citizens who desire to reflect the nature of Yeshua, and allow the Spirit to bring them into increasing similarity. 

This must draw us to centre our focus on the maker and foundation of our city. God!!! Our worship must reflect what we see…that is what we will touch on in the next series on ” I saw the Lord “; but the cherubims and seraphims only worshipped what they saw!! Their vision was of a Holy and Great God who deserves our intense adoration.  Where we weep and ascend in our perspective beyond me; my; and I centeredness. When we become so filled with the consciousness that His Glory fills the earth. 

So much today is about what He does for us, we need to shift the focus. 

At the end of the Book of Revelation, both the Church and the Spirit cry out in unison. They cry for the coming of Yeshua.  The same intensity draws His response from Heaven. 

The pattern to becoming part of the pattern of the New Jerusalem resides in valuing the two communal points. Á unity with His covenanted people and understanding God’s pattern for  people; and a daily crescendo of walking with God. 

Without the Spirit of Community the New Jerusalem does not distinguish itself as a city of covenant and of eternity. 

May we aspire to fill our hearts with Him and who He is; so our walk with others will lead us into fullness.


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