New Jerusalem Pattern part 7; Recognition and Reconciliation

​And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.

Zechariah 12:10 KJV

There is coming an event that has never happened until now in Jerusalem. This event must take place before Jesus returns. 

In a time of great turbulence so God will pour out “Grace and supplication” upon those who live in the city. This move is no other than a move of the Spirit. 

God has been reaching out to Gentiles for 2000 years and when the full number has come in God will then be faithful to His Covenant with Israel. 

Many disagree and even preach against Jews; and even suggest that God tore up His Covenant with Jews and with Israel. They hold an inherent aversion which pervades the globe; a shadow of the hatred that will descend on the nations causing them to go against Jerusalem in war. 

The covenant of God is never extended on the basis of merit but a sovereign choice to show Grace to a people who do not deserve this treatment from God. 

The Bible is replete with generations who lived in wickedness betraying the very law which they were given to live by from God Himself through Moses. There are so many examples right up to their betrayal of Jesus Himself to the Romans by His own people. 

God’s covenant is a reflection of His own character in that when we see the signs of God’s covenant at work in people and communities it never can denote a special favouritism to the detriment to those who seem to be more virtuous. God decided to choose Abraham and His descendents as a flow of His promises to bless the whole earth. 

And just as Christ died even when we were sinners and Gentiles; excluded from His covenants; we were brought in by our own faith by the Grace extended to us. How much more toward Israel; His Covenant people. 

What will occur is a two fold revealing. The Jesus they will see and look on will be a suffering and pierced one. And they shall recognise that they had done this. From this point supplication shall rise to heaven with crying and mourning so that Jerusalem recognise her Messiah. 

This will be a prelude to world judgment and as Jerusalem be reconciled as we were unto Him so we have been reconciled.

For us we shall receive in our “looking ” the King. We already received the suffering servant. 

So our praying for the Peace of Jerusalem is Prophetic of that future Visitation which shall be a forerunner of the wrapping up of this time and this earth. 

Jerusalem did not see the first Visitation nor recognised Him. Now He is coming to Jerusalem again so that the world not recognising will be left waste as Jerusalem once was in 70AD. 

From this a river shall flow and eternal purposes will be unfolding before all. We need to recognise the need for reconciliation with the Messiah to have Global peace. Today the lack of peace is a lack of recognition. It is a prevalent propagation of lies and political games that torment to wars and destruction that brings cities to ruin. 

We all saw images at Christmas of Aleppo and shock at the destruction there. There is no-one that recognises that reconciliation is a divine work Provided through Grace. 

When Jerusalem sees Jesus and Him pierced they will recognise their part in the piercing . They will be reconciled because they recognise the hour of their Visitation.  

The world does not recognise the need for inner recognition and Reconciliation based upon higher purposes because what motivates men is power and wealth. And as such all political will is shrouded in self interest. 

In Jesus ‘ Visitation to Jerusalem shall be washed away these hidden motivations and with a single heart they will reconcile themselves to Him they pierced.

But could it be that they are not the only ones who pierced the Lord? Religion and misplaced zeal caused them to not recognise the Messiah in their midst. I get the sensation that whilst history tells of the historical act of piercing maybe heaven registers that the Church plays a present piercing of Christ. We must therefore examine ourselves in this. 

How much is done in the Name of Jesus is not divinely inspired but is tinged with self ambition? 

It is time to “look upon Him” when He is revealed; and recognise our part in the piercing; reconcile with Him. 


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