Dear all

I want to thank you for your support in 2016 with some awesome times in the Word of God. 

There is nothing I love more than to be stopped by the Lord in the midst of the routine to be with Him in new depths of His Inspiration.

Nothing like nipping into Costa in my town when the Spirit is stirring to meditate on the latest thing. It is the “latest” for me, but for God it is an eternal reality! 

2016 was a year of journeys and much Prophetic praying. Even a journey to Portugal where God made a week flow in beautiful ways. God spoke to me clearly there that even though we do not physically live there we will not let go the quality of connections there. 

And what of 2017?

Itinerant ministry

We ask those who follow this blog site and enjoy what is written to consider transferring this knowledge to your group or congregation.  We so desire to bless and enable the ability to open the Word to depths that remain hidden by choice.  It is hidden because we do not make time for the Author to reveal His fresh perspective. So if you desire to invite us please write to russelldurose@yahoo.com 

Financial support 

This site is a expression of a ministry that has a journey of over 30 years.  We receive no support as a ministry. We depend first on God to supply our needs. However if you have been blessed then consider supporting via PayPal on russelldurose@yahoo.com. This will enable us to maintain our site and itinerant ministry without resorting to charging. 


I am preparing a overview of the prophet’s office and ministry. Also is projected a devotional too. 

Our Heart

Our Heart is not to be yet another ministry. God does not need us. However, if He calls He will use us to bless you. Our service and passion is to see ignite in the age of social media a new approach to the Word in a new committed way. We aim not to make business out of the Word of God. 

We wish you and yours a Happy New Year and we look forward to interaction with those who follow us. 


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