New Jerusalem pattern Part 6; Jerusalem a stumbling burden 

​And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

Zechariah 12:3 KJV

The city of Jerusalem is a conundrum which will be a stumbling block for many generations. Many in our generations will stumble over it. 

When you consider that for 1900 years the city was forgotten and “trodden down ” You can see that since 1947 it has turned into a controversy that plagues the globe. The Palestinian and Islamic question over it breeds terrorism over the globe. 

Jerusalem is a pattern for which God will use to bring down from heaven to a new earth that will form the new perfected community. So what we see today is a mere shadow to what Glory will be bestowed upon her. It is Prophetic in that we can only discern the New Jerusalem from the city we see today.  If we look with natural eyes we will also stumble. 

The scripture quoted indicates that Jerusalem will draw all nations against her. The final battle in whatever form this will take; will mark the end of the age of men and the beginning of the age of the Messiah . 

I can draw the parallels from this to the way people deal with the Prophetic today. It causes many to stumble because favour and anointing and mighty Call comes to those less qualified and less expected. Those who project influence and charisma are overlooked when God chooses His Prophets.  

His Prophets weep when the people celebrate and celebrate when the people weep. They are the party poopers of our time. 

They are of an unknown quantity. They do great things when their attire or their face don’t fit. 

And so many times do leaders fear prophets because they do not work within the confines of a meeting. They work within the open spaces of the streets; offices; roads and coffee shops. 

They sometimes live isolated because they are ostracized and excluded from flowing in their main anointed abilities.

And it is because of this parallel with Jerusalem without knowing it God’s own people do no longer recognise that God’s prophets speak from a wilderness of a reality that in the cities spiritually speaking they do not understand.

How the Word “holiness” and “sin” are becoming forgotten amidst the myriad of messages on motivation. Yet the Prophetic person has these pertinent and ardent in every day life. 

The human reaction is to marginalize and ostracize all that which is different.

God selected Jerusalem to birth His eternal purposes; not London; New York; Paris. 

This city will become burdensome because it will have about it a defining spiritual and political warfare in it and about it. If you see it for what God sees it as; you will be an enemy of the Globalist agenda. And eventually counted as an enemy of world peace and all the implications that brings. 

The fact is; and is a reality for the Prophetic is that we need to be prepared to die for those principles which God installed and downloaded to you. 

The majority voice will in any arena be manipulated. Even the so called Church. The agents of opinion and news making will mould the minds over years to change attitudes. And once a beloved brother will become a enemy; a hater; a weird one. 

Social media is a great tool; but powerful to mould the mindset of the age.

So what we see in Jerusalem today; as a shadow of things to come; will define our eternal destiny. For those easily led and those who trust in numbers will fall in line with the Jerusalem hating game. This will cause them to be blind to the UNSEEN plan of God. And being blind will exclude them from it.

How much more in 2 Chronicles 20 we are exhorted to believe the prophets. No different today!

So as Hebrews all the time shows us; what we know to be ESTABLISHED NOW is not yet visible; but will be seen by those who walk in faith; And MANIFEST IN AND THROUGH THOSE WHO DO NOT THROW AWAY THEIR CONFIDENCE. 

So beyond all the political and spiritual fighting over Jerusalem is a shadow of a perfect city and community which will live forever and will commune with God face to face. You just have to open your eyes.  

Those with open eyes do not stumble…


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