New Year message

The shifts of 2016 against what was perceived to be the “establishment ” is what will mark the next few years in what I see as a window for the Gospel. 

I am going to refrain from making predictions about 2017 because one must remember that the Prophet must interpret present signs and see what God is doing. 

For me Western society is in a process of decay and degradation. The only way for people to access their security and protection is a resistance of the worldly spirit that abounds and make a unconditional approach to prayer and the Word. And when I say “unconditional” I mean without any denominational ties and emphasis. 

I see the Church go through modern branding in a drive to make the Gospel “appealing” to the masses when all the time losing the passion and depth of understanding for a more superficial expression. 

The shifts of 2016 will make way for new establishing for 2017. The warfare on those new approaches and the pioneers God is releasing will come mainly through leaders of Churches. 

What I see is God using the prophets with more boldness.

Finally 2017 is What you walk in God; in covenant. None of the breakthroughs come automatically to you because of the season. You have to comprehend it and obey the Word that God will give you.

The Upper Room preparation of the disciples started with Jesus giving specific instructions on how to find God’s place of preparation for them. It will be no different for us. We must find the place of meeting with Him in 2017. It will not happen automatically.  

Happy New Year. 

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