New Jerusalem pattern Part 3: Doors of entry 

Revelation 21 cites that the angel invites John to see the Bride. What he is not prepared for is to see a city descend from heaven and is planted firmly into the New earth. Right now Jerusalem is a stumbling block placed before the enemies of God. In the New Earth is the central focal point of God’s presence with perfect man. The Jerusalem we see today is a shadow of this new reality. It is not surprising therefore that Satan wars against it with a mistaken premise that he can thwart this taking place. 

What is striking about the celestial city is that the doors represent the 12 patriarchs of Israel. They are entry points. What disturbs me is to see how far we have come away from understanding that the only difference is that they did not mix their covenant with faith. We need to see that the root of our faith is Hebrew. And we sometimes interpret the Word with our “Western” mindset. 

We need to ask the Author to come and Perfect our faith. Hebrews 12. We need to ask Him to give us a glimpse into the culture of heaven and see that we are looking  to God with the correct understanding. 

In contemplating that Jesus covenant is greater with better promises, the root of those same promises are founded by those who were pioneers of faith. 

They are our entry  points.  We must embrace the Word as a whole and ask that we understand that to be a citizen of the New Jerusalem we must take note of those who had little aids to guide them in their spiritual walk but all they had was their faith and obedience. We on the other hand have the Word and many technological aids yet we know little about faith and obedience! 

The year 2017 is almost upon us. It is important for man to mark these transitions. This year is different as God is allowing great shifts in governmental circles and for a time great Groups will have their power curtailed because God is bringing in the greatest spiritual generation ever seen. But this generation will know God and know faith and how it works. Do not be surprised that great shifts are taking place.

He is showing you the Bride. He is showing you to embrace the Mindset of heaven itself. He is showing that in embracing that which went before us in the faith and in embracing them we will gain our entry point in our transition to be a citizen of that eternal community where only the Redeemed will dwell. Racial and religious distinction will not have any importance. 

Embrace the New mind of His Word in this unfolding season. 


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