Being or Doing


Being or Doing?

Value is always placed on the doing, whilst the demand is on being, yet it should be the other way round!

When we navigate social media, what do we see? We see the daily antics of our contemporaries.

Some of our minister friends can be in great journeys and itineraries, yet they have no time to savour the moments, savour the landscape.

God did not create us to do, but to be. 

The greatest prophet was John the Baptist, who did not prophesy. He spent many years in the desert. He preached no sermon. Yet when God caused him to cry out the cities emptied to hear him.

He prepared the way not by what he did, but by who he was! Those years of preparation caused him to accomplish more in the “being” of his life, that even Jesus called him the greatest of the prophets.

God called Abraham, His Friend. Called him a prophet to Abimelech.

Did you see Abraham in great prophetic conferences? Did you see Abraham with great sermons?

No, what he did through his character and obedience was cause a river of faith flow through the patriarchs, through Kings, and through prophets to Jesus. By Jesus all that Abraham opened through his faith, means we can access all spiritual blessing by his faith, through the finished work Christ did.

I just need to remind myself today, its not my doing that gives me value, it is in that which God is making me to BE. 


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