Bezaleel Series 

Normally I would release the whole series today here on this site however God has given this message to prophetically teach in business and Ministry arenas.  Bezaleel is a key to business and Ministry today.  I believe that Bezaleel, a Old Testament man holds key to successful Ministry and Christian Ministry today. You want to know how; I am available to teach this series in business and Ministry arenas whether it be to small groups or to a Church conference.  What this will entail  1. Purpose of your gifts and talents 2. 3 dimensions of the Spirit in operation in … Continue reading Bezaleel Series 

Gadgets are my Passion

One of my passions is messing with mobiles. I spend considerable time watching reviews of the latest and greatest. I have a site I want you to see ; Gadgets are My Passion It is a project I am developing as a business model. I believe as a Christian we must develop normal talents and cause them to generate an income for hard work. God blesses hard work.  I am and have been reviewing mobile and mobile technology for over two years and due to circumstances and a need to provide a means to keep this Ministry going I am … Continue reading Gadgets are my Passion