Gifting for Gift flow 

“I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day” Revelation 1. 

If there is any time we need to be in the Spirit is now. But according to John there was an appointed time .  It was on the Lord’s Day. 

What I really want to transmit today is the need for us to be in the Lord’s Day. There is a day, another day; says David and the writer to the Hebrews alludes to it in Chapter 4 of Hebrews. 

This new Day in Christ is the re-establishment of a Kingdom of true peace and joy.

Yet the World has us all bound at times by our financial circumstances .  The power of mammon has been broken in the work of Calvary. To understand Mammon is a spiritual entity which governs the financial system of this world. There is no doubt that greed and corruption are running throughout the system. The stock exchanges run on speculation and the spoken declarations of asset managers, politicians, chief executives of companies and their words affect the affluence of the market. However there is much manipulation going on.

The Lord wants to declare His Day over us to break the power of financial determination. Many lose jobs and lose assets because of this.

The enemy is destroying the gifting Ministry.  Giving is a Ministry.  It breaks through the world system by its faith to bring release and further accomplishment to the Kingdom. So once a saint; without manipulation but only with divine direction gives they break the power of Mammon. 

Isaiah 55 says for us to buy bread without money. What it is really saying is God will bring you into a place and a time where you will buy not according to the money you have but THE CURRENCY OF FAVOUR WORKING IN YOUR LIFE. This day is the Lord’s Day. 

God is going to lift up His downcast ministers who are struggling to advance, common place word today is that our reserves are low. God is not into reserves but into flow. God has no reservoir of resources. He has a rich river that is always flowing. 

Therefore instead of us praying for release we need to pray for flow. Instead of breakthrough we need to pray the breakdown of the world system of MAMMON that so operates over us. 

What this does is deafen us to the call to give.

We see a GIVING Ministry as being giving to others of money.  It truly is the transfer of a breaker anointing to flow supernatural resources across the multitudes of believers. We are in the world but not of it.

So what we need to expect that as givers we gift others to break down the obstacles to supernatural resources flowing so that what we stay focused on is what we do not have than the eternal riches Christ unlocked for us in Calvary. 

Christ gifted His life and enables us to be sons and heirs of a inheritance that never fails or stops.

Let us all refocus , enter into our Day and in the Spirit grasp the bread and all We need for doing His Will. What we acquire is not by our resources but His! 



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