The Whole Counsel 

Last week when I was in Cornwall I sent out a message which was quite radical. It was not radical because it wanted to shake on purpose but rather since this site first started it documents a personal journey which can be a reflection on a corporate season. 

The Lord has been adjusting my Word view. This means that my interpretation of scripture depends not on my own understanding. 

It comes from prayerful reflection. 

What I ascertain against the context of instability at every level ; leaders leaving the faith, sickness in the lives of leaders , adultery in leaders’ marriages , family breakups, accidents and sudden deaths, bankruptcies . We can go on. 

I believe that the root cause beyond the world and the devil attacking is our lack of searching for, teaching and preaching the whole Counsel of God. 

The whole Counsel of God is found in Scripture. If we seek it out. We need the Spirit to lead us into it. We need to let go of our “persuasions” and “pet doctrines” and ask God for a complete revelation of Himself in His Word. 

We do embrace faith, we embrace our victory, but we sometimes focus just on the benefits instead of the responsibilities and duties to follow. 

There is two streams following which is the demand for holiness and extended arm of mercy and love .  We must not exclude one over the other. 

Those streams flow out of the covenant of Abraham which we have studied extensively . However there are sections of the Church which reject the place of Israel in God’s programme for the end time. There is also a reaction to the Westernization of Christian where the roots of Hebrew culture and spirituality have been forgotten and taken out of the faith. I am not an advocater of the Hebrew Roots movement but some of what is taught has validity. 

I sense as we look for the whole Counsel of God of History, teaching, present context and future purpose we will begin to enter a more healthier flow in which God can enlighten our mind to the whole truth and we can be obedient to it .  That way we can be covered by His Glory.

We must cite two prime examples. In Exodus we see Moses go up the mountain for 40 days and nights where he received the heavenly pattern for the tabernacle and the camp and tents. Bezaleel took those designs and crafted them according to the design of what Moses was given on the mount .  

The result was that the Glory rested on all the things crafted. 

The principle being that God’s Word has a pattern which must be ascertained on our “mount” of prayer. Our lives crafted according to the design God has revealed. This way we will live in His Glory where sickness and chaos cannot reign. 

In Revelation we see a curse on those who add to the Word. We see much taught on the Word which is an added interpretation. There is a curse for those who add their own interpretation and teach it as doctrine .  

Today the Lord led me to understand that to ascertain the whole Counsel we must connect once again to the covenant God made with Abraham and see where and how it flows down the ages . That way we shall ascertain the Whole Counsel of God. 

To facilitate that pursuit I formed a forum on Google Groups called Prophetic Israel. If you desire to be a member please let me know on 

May we seek His Counsel. 

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