Declaring Jubilee 

God instituted for the children of Israel for one year in a cycle of 50 a year of rest and restoration. 

what did God grant them?

  1. Rest from their enemies
  2. Rest from their labours 
  3. Restoration from debts.

Over a year ago I was in another city here in the UK having left Devon. We thought our time in Devon was over. Yet our landlord called time on our stay and wanted to sell the apartment we had rented. 

God gave me a Word ; He said ” I am declaring a Jubilee over you “. I did not know what He meant .  

After being led to our current property it was not surprising to discover that it was named “Jubilee Cottage”. And shortly I shall be 50 and it is Jubilee Year in Israel.

Jonathan Cahn did a series with Kenneth Copeland about the “Shemitah ” year; which is the Jubilee Year. God grants the land and it’s people rest. The land produces a harvest even though they had not sowed. They rested from labouring. 

This year we saw our daughter undergo a kidney transplant and is now beginning to live again in a new place. 

We have had many situations in which God showed His Jubilee.

I myself had a health scare in which we trusted God to give me the all clear.

I suffered an accident last week and was rescued from greater consequences but need treatment from jaw injuries and dental surgery too. 

The last thing God does in the Jubilee Year is cancel all debt. We all know the power of debt. We all know that in the short term we could ignore but in the longer term can condition us. Both spiritually and physically.  

This is where I ask you come alongside us. To declare with us by faith our debt cancellation for us as a family and for the ministers who serve God.

We walk in a tight place right now. I need dental treatment which is very expensive in the UK. We will need  £1000 at least. I ask first for you to stand with us in prayer. Also if through this walking with us you desire to sow you can do through PayPal on .  

If it is Jubilee He will declare it over us. It is not just rest but restoration. May we see it in our day.


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