If you become systematic you have a system 

I have been in a intense time for the last few days in Cornwall. Other than the main motive for my time here there has been deep reflection. 

Society is changing with new technology meaning that you don’t need a bank physically to do banking, you can do it online, shopping online, almost everything. Even church meetings also online. 

There is a danger of Church becoming systematic. We develop a method, then a mode and then a manifesto.  We elevate an effective method to being God creating a way to do things. Our meetings reflect that . Our mode is the way we operate from day to day, our practices which then become a manifesto of what we believe and what we project to do. 

If right at the outset there is no visitation of the Holy Spirit we are creating systems. These systems become belief systems which can be experiential by conditioning the mind. 

Before we go any deeper and lead you to a fearful place, there is a way out. We need an audience with JESUS.  The Acts 1 Jesus. Then a Revelation 1 Jesus . 

Acts 1 Jesus 

This is the pre-ascension JESUS.  Here Jesus is preparing the disciples for the mission ahead. They would not just be eye witnesses but they would be witnesses of a truth backed up by miracles. Their testimony would not be just words but a demonstration of power.

For that to happen JESUS was with the disciples 40 days teaching them and showing them that He would leave them but would come another who would lead them. The Kingdom was taught. Foundational truth was shown them.

As He was taken up from them the disciples were reassured that He would come back to them and for them. 

We need to understand what JESUS came to complete; a faith founded through Abraham and through the Law and the Prophets. It had now come to a completion. The Holy Spirit would come to show them a new way.

Revelation 1 Jesus 

Revelation 1 shows us that John  was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day. There is an appointed day. Jesus was about to be revealed to John in a new dimension. This new revelation shows JESUS greatness way beyond what is normal.

From this visitation of the post-Ascension JESUS John was to exhort the Churches in his care. A prophetic veil was drawn back to bring back the fear of God and bring back LIFE and LOVE which had grown cold. 

Those who thought they loved through their works were shown as cold in love, those who were thought to be rich in their own eyes were shown to be poor. 

Jesus Came to stand at the door of these Churches to not just be invited in but embraced in all that He was and is. 

From this place John was given an audience which was present in heavenly places where he saw how God and the heavenly hosts have responded and initiated moves upon the earth from past,present and future. The mystery of JESUS and the destiny of all saints. 

The Church needs leaders to experience a fresh revelation of JESUS afresh. What we need 

1. Foundational truths of the Kingdom

2. The visitation of the Spirit 

3. Revelation of the Glorified Christ 

4. Discharging the full Counsel of the Word to the Church 

5. Heavenly perspectives to fill the Church to the awesomeness of JESUS and His programme on the earth.  This brings a unison of a cry between the Saints and the Spirit to cry out for Jesus’ return. 

Friends; times are changing. We need to embrace what God has for us.

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