Interlude! Crowdfunding

Dear all

Its just taking a coffee break from posting messages on this site. The enjoyment of posting these messages is just awesome.


We have just opened our first crowdfunding page. Crowdfunding is a sponsorship technology which enables people to accomplish project goals. This means anyone can be a shareholder in what we are doing.

What we are doing is developing media technologies to review the progress of mobile tech and to review flagship phones by building partnerships with major smartphone manufacturers. This way we can support this ministry.

See our page: Crowdfunding Initiative

You can help us by visitting the page and donating. Or even get involved in crowdfunding tech.


If you want to help us direct you can do so through Paypal on and this will enable us to continue to offer messages on this site, maintain ourselves.

We ask you also to pray for this venture also. Please feedback.

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