Being Transfigured part 3: Jesus in you hope of Glory

To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:

Colossians 1:27 KJV
The whole experience of the Transfiguration centres around the manifestation of glory which would reveal to us who JESUS is. He was transfigured and the division between the earthly and the heavenly was for moments suspended. The whole place shone because JESUS was shown in His true Glory. 

This same JESUS is in you. Yes this same glorious being lives in you. And if He lives in you in Glory then surely this same JESUS must through our walk in faith should once again be transfigured. 

We must reflect for a moment what JESUS in you implies directly.  I think we either forget or ignore this truth through the sheer nature of our lives now. A bombardment takes place for our attention and at times the world impresses it’s confusions and it’s mindset for us to conform so that we no longer have time or have attention to Biblical truth.

When we consider this bombardment with its objectives to keep us occupied and ignorant we fail to capture the great truth: Jesus in you!!! 

This Jesus is the Creator; the innovator through the generations. 

As Jesus was transfigured in that event it was prophetic of the future state that the Father would place Him. Philippians 2 shows us how JESUS arrived at the Glory through the humiliations in every realm imaginable. 

Therefore; for Jesus to be transfigured in us we need to be walking in Him specifically flowing in His mission. Obviously we are going to focus in the next message the divine conversations between JESUS and Moses and Elijah. But there was a specific mission at work which led to Jerusalem. 

The fact is there is a mission today which STILL leads to Jerusalem! This mission is NOT for death; because that happened 2000 years ago. 

The Jerusalem I speak is the one JESUS will call down from HEAVEN itself which is the Church ; the gathering of the REDEEMED from both Israel and the Redeemed of Yeshua! Not the Church  only which we understand.  The Church as I understand from study of the Word is the “called out” ones. 

And I sense an urgency of spirit to really emphasise that the “called out ” ones are not ALWAYS THOSE WHO ATTEND THE POWER MEETINGS ON A SUNDAY. 

I phrase that carefully because we cannot be radical to assume that only select few are real believers! No! 

The true believers are marked by their walk of faith hope and love. 

So these will be transfigured as Christ was; there is a time coming when Romans 8 will be fulfilled where the sons of God will be revealed! The Word is clear that the whole of creation groans for perfection to come.  This transfiguration of the Lord JESUS is prophetic of not only His future state but OURS! However there is a transfiguring that must happen where for a season Jesus in us will be revealed for the impacting of society and revival. 

Since I have walked this walk in Christ since 1986 I have prayed intensely for specific seasons for revival. For Jesus to be revealed. 

Jesus must be transfigured IN us so that He can be transfigured THROUGH us!

For that to happen we must be in Glory and must hear and comprehend His mission in us! He is preparing us for our eternal life and role for eternity.  

Therefore; as I have painstakingly demonstrated in this post about JESUS being Transfigured in us and through us for a specific purpose so we must today expect and pray for this to happen.

Jesus in you the hope of glory. Jesus is our hope in Glory.  What this seems to imply is that where JESUS is lifted up there is an imminent implication that the division between the earthly and heavenly is interrupted. This interruption is for divine objectives to be accomplished. 

Kathie Walters in her book ” Bright and Shining Revival” cites how this principle works in the Hebrides Revival of 1948-1952. How prayer of 5 men in a stone barn brought such glory and such shaking to the whole island that pubs and prisons closed and places became meeting places for prayer. It was accompanied by signs in the heavens and in the earth. For those years healing and salvations took place. Whole communities were healed! Heaven and earth were one. And the signs of that were visible to all. 

Oh may we pray down heaven! Oh May Jesus be glorified and transfigured in us. 

Where JESUS is we can be assured there will be GLORY manifest. 

Oh how inspired we can become as we see that this same JESUS is glorious and is in us. 

Read my personal news below! 


Hi, my personal news. 

We are seeing great progress with our daughter thanks to your prayers. We have had inquiries from people who want to know how to give to our Ministry.  I generally use PayPal on for people to send finance. We need this to continue to freely give His Word to all. 

We are available to teach prophetic themes and messages which equip. If you desire to invite us to your Church please contact 

Continue to pray as we personally are living in challenging times.  However we face these issues with faith and His Word. 


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