Being Transfigured part 2: Ascending your mountain

We are concentrating on the Transfiguration of JESUS.  I believe that God is leading us to behold Him more clearly.

Why a mountain?

The mountain for Jesus was separation from the demands and distractions that pertain to society that lives in the plains.

The mountain requires resolve to distance oneself by climbing away from those demands which cry out that you are responsible.  False responsibility placed on you wants to take you away from that communion with God. 

The mountain for Jesus was a different level of perspective. From the heights one is not subject to the same air or winds of the plains. 

Your mind and spirit are awakened to a new purity and not polluted by the industry of the plains. 

How many swallow lies and false perspectives thrown at them by Facebook and other media.  Calling this one and that one false; calling out on dishonesty and inconsistencies. 

To be honest I get saturated and must come away to hear that voice. But to hear it I must separate myself for determined periods to hear that voice. 

What appears on the “plains” of our natural senses to be good is now seen to be out of the flow of God’s purposes. We see things the way God does. 

When we consider that for choosing the 12 JESUS spent all night on the mountain is because from a human perspective these men could never be drawn together let alone be the foundations of an eternal plan! Yet from that place JESUS saw beyond what senses tell you to see into the realm of faith and see what they would become . 

It is a day to separate ourselves. A day to see differently. 


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