Through the Eyes of the Prophetic part 2: Displacement brings positioning for the greatest revelation

Ezekiel documents the process of settling down in a foreign land.  Ezekiel 37 is a prophetic word which brings to life (hope), the heart of those who witnessed the destruction of their homes. And the Temple. 

I can attest from experience that the major events which defined my direction in life were unpleasant at the time but in the long term were eternal defining moments. 

To be honest the changes God brings to our lives bring us into temporary Displacement.  God brings us into a place where our comfort zone is broken up. It cannot and is not a permanent thing. 

What God does in Displacement is take all out of our lives so that He can pour in far more than what we lost. That is He turns our losses into gains. 

What the captives lost was their possessions and their homes so that what they lost in the physical causes them to return to the reason for their inhabiting the promised land.  

God constantly showed them Zion. Psalms 137 shows us the daydreaming by the river through Babylon; where they imagined returning to Zion. 

Let us imagine for a moment Zion.

Before the Captivity of 587BC Zion was neglected and a object of superstition in that they never thought that their lives would be so harshly changed because of their sin. They thought that Zion and the Temple were enough to secure their well-being.  

Now after they had had time to meditate that it was their own sin that provoked their current state they now saw Zion not as a amulet to be worn for luck; but a meeting place with God and as a culmination of a new walk to full restoration. 

The Captivity was a reflection of inner processes which displaced them from a abundant life and which through their comprehension would receive full restoration. 

This means what God wants to do in the physical He does in our heart first. 

So the Captivity paved the way for a new approach to faith. And prepared the people for the Messiah. 

Today if you see a certain Displacement is because God is teaching you to a greater level of submission.  Once you let this displacement have its work you will know a greater restoration than ever before. 

If you find yourself not doing what you were called for and in Displacement then God is positioning your return to the land of Calling with greater wisdom and devotion. 

The displacement of the believer is never for destruction but restoration. For the heathen it is for judgment.  

Let us submit to Him!

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