Through the Eyes of the Prophetic Part 1: Business as usual


In this series we are going to examine the times that led up to the Captivity and then the Restoration. I find this period of History fascinating indeed.

We read that preceding the takeover of Israel Jeremiah and other prophets having access to the King.

The majority message was that there was not going to be a cataclysmic takeover. Business as usual was to be the order of the day.

The last 2 weeks or so since the Referendum we have seen political turmoil and dismay over the globe. People have resigned and there have been coming and goings.

As much as these are turbulent times as they were in Jeremiah’s day.

The nation had become faithless and the Temple neglected. The King was far away from recognising the times.

The message of comfort and victory was the favoured word from the prophets. 

What no-one wanted to hear was that God was going to allow Nebuchadnezzar to come into Jerusalem and the cities of Judah to destroy and disperse the people in a foreign land.

When God disperses it is not to destroy but to prepare. 

Jeremiah writes to the captives in Chapter 29 that there would be 70 years of Captivity.  They would need to adopt Babylon as their country.

The day of “business as usual” is over.  

God is shaking everything. Don’t let anyone deceive you. Just this week we have had terrorist attacks and a coup in Turkey. Amidst current Brexit fallout.  God is using instability to break our comfort zone. Nothing is secure. This is so that we perceive that God has the answers.

As it is Jeremiah saw and wept as his nation was destroyed.  God preserved him through it. So much is being shaken right now. We need to weep with those who weep. But we know God has a great restoration in the future.

What is happening in our world today is a reflection to the work He wants to do in our hearts; bring us back to Himself. 

In Jeremiah’s day they refused to hear. The stubbornness of that generation made way for them to be carried away. 

This is a principle for us today: if we remain stubborn refusing to deepen our walk with God and depend on Him; but rely on the world we shall be “carried away “. 

This can mean loss of income; churches closing down. Many things.

The lifestyle God calls us too is

  1. Recognise the time 
  2. Redeem the time 
  3. Replenish the time 

We must recognise a grand preparation. The kingdoms of the world will become the Kingdom of God. We must see these crises as preparation.  We must walk in faith.

We must redeem the time. We must prepare in prayer and Word study.

We must Replenish the time. There comes a place when what God has prepared for us will come to pass. We will be prepared.

So today as in the day of Jeremiah; there is no business as usual. The pieces are in motion to see JESUS rule and reign on the earth. Our mundane activity will become supernatural execution of His Will on the earth.

Are you ready?


Personal; keep praying for Nisia, my daughter who had a transplant. She has been in hospital over 2 weeks now.  Complications have lengthened the stay. Pray for her and for our stretched resources at this time. See our Facebook for details: 

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