The Dimension of Faith: Part 11 Confidence and Assurance 

​Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:1 NIV

The NIV version translates a definition of faith in an interesting way. 

Now faith”

Faith is about the NOW. It’s about our 

  1. Our position about our circumstance 
  2. Our possession of our purpose 
  3. Our power in hope 

It’s very powerful. Circumstances are changeable like the Wind.  We cannot read our circumstances as a sign of what God is saying and doing. Therefore what we need to do is position ourselves.

We need to be certain of God’s word in the situation first. What is He saying? His Revelation about our circumstances gives us comprehension and direction. From that Base we cannot detach ourselves from circumstances.  

We need to remember God’s character. He has always been faithful. 

We need to seek for being proactive in seeking to act to change circumstances.  They do not define us as people; they do not decide our purpose, they don’t dictate our destiny

We need to possess our purpose. How we know what our purpose is? Through His Word. From that place of comprehending it we must first:

  • Comprehend it
  • Receive it
  • Accept it 
  • Speak it 
  • Pray it
  • Declare it prophetically 

Hope is faith tomorrow. If we do not have hope we have nothing. Our foremost and most important hope is that in Christ we will succeed. We will be CHANGED INTO THE IMAGE OF CHRIST.  As we live in Him we shall live through Him. In this way our hope knows that we are walking a path of days of breakthroughs and transformation.  

This is just the introduction 😀

Faith is our confidence

Our confidence in God. 

Our confidence that this same God in us will guide us to truth which transforms. 

Faith is our assurance that what we are confident in is solid and sure. Yesterday we looked at how this faith being refined works in us. The experience that Paul speaks about in Romans 5 tells us and reminds us of impossible circumstances which we find ourselves in. Reminds us how we believed and how God came through. He is faithful. 

More and more we need to accept we have enrolled into the “school of faith” and without this in days to come, circumstances will change and turbulent times will come.  We will need that kind of training to survive. 


PERSONAL: Nisia continues in Southmead Hospital. She has had a complicated recovery process however we have felt the supporting prayers of the Saints.  Keep praying . 

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