The Dimension of Faith Part 9: Now they desire a better country, that is heavenly

I am writing on the back of the UK referendum on the EU. The vote went unexpectedly for a renunciation of the membership of the EU.


We turn our attention to Hebrews 11 again, which ties into the result of the Referendum. I have a personal perspective but I will base this on the Biblical challenge of the result.

Heb 11:16
16 But now they desire a better, that is, a heavenly country.

The main reason for the vote was the aspiration that Great Britain could be Great again. But this will not happen unless what we desire first is HEAVENLY. How do we do that?

First God needs to be the God of the nation, accepting the finished work of Calvary. We must foundation our new post-EU laws on the Word. We must enshrine basic human rights, equal for those who were born in the UK, and those who privileged us with their coming here to contribute to our economy and our way of life, by adding their culture to our own by a inspired contribution.

We need to not only un-shackle ourselves to what we perceive to be a pernicious EU-ism, but our own isms. We are a cold people by nature, and we need to show not only in our cordiality but in acts of kindness that our own expressions like “my love” is exactly that, not just a civility. Our generosity does not look over our shoulder to condition and recriminate. Our foreign friends sometimes find us hard to understand, and hard to relate to. So we must point the finger to ourselves now, now that we have chosen self determination over the EU.

The UK has always been the forefront of the world, and this self determination must now be seen as a opportunity not as a step back. What has happened is that the country has shown that it desires to reaffirm itself. It is taking risks, but those risks must come from a heavenly participation. If we embrace a humanistic approach to life, this Brexit will be disastrous. Our first responsibility is to choose who we will serve. 

What we have seen as a result is people are now positioning themselves, some will not go with the new direction, and this day is a day of TURNING POINTS. They are always positive in respect to our dealing and facing the issue, if we decide first that the spiritual always comes first. The turning point is to decide what COUNTRY WE SEEK!

If it is heavenly no matter what the negative people, bankers, politicians say, the UK will rise to be an international nation of God fearing people. People who are kind, generous, and reaching out to the foreigner in our land with the same kindness and generosity as to the native.



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