And now for something different…

We are taking a short interlude from our series on Dimension of Faith.


In two days time we go to vote in a Referendum. I was in part inspired by Bob Hyde’s new blog  which has an interesting letter to his grandson about the EU referendum question and vote.  I felt it was singularly informative.

I got to think about this, not that I have not thought or conversed about it so often. We Brits are quite passionate about our heritage and identity.


However I began to ask God about this Referendum and came back with something totally different.

This is it from God’s perspective;

God says how this Referendum is important to your country so heaven has asked the question in its own Referendum; is the United Kingdom to remain a part of the Kingdom of God and end time purposes in revival and reformation of faith and advances of ministerial and spiritual dimensions. So as this vote is a opportunity of a lifetime so God is asking the leaders and Churches to vote in prayer to say Remain in the Kingdom and to abide in the Kingdom rules and guidelines through the Treaties which God made through Christ. 

The choice is yours.


I am not advocating a Remain vote. I am advocating a higher dimension to this Referendum.


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