I am writing this personal message to thank all those who write and give feedback to the messages I publish here.  This feedback is not just superficial “thanks for the message” but dialogue about the Revelation God gives through His Word. Some send PayPal gifts to us.

We are very grateful for this feedback as this shows Kingdom advancement.  However we do not take a salary from the ministry as this Ministry does not get the support we need each month. This does not mean that this Ministry is not blessed.  God sends our support as and when we need it. Prayer in itself is the best support we can receive at any time because it sets in motion the resources of heaven to operate bringing corporate wholeness and fulfilling our dreams also. We therefore appreciate this support and need it. The devil hates it when the true Word is explored inspiring in the hearts who follow this blog site a thirst for MORE.

Therefore we do not solicit funding or solicit too much.  The fact is God freely pours into me to publish His Message freely to you! Freely I receive freely I give. And this will remain a reality because God did a work in me regarding His Provision. As I am faithful to the purpose of this vision and this site God will send in the support of the Saints whether be prayer or finances.

As you know this site started at a transition time in my life. I had moved from Portugal to the UK after a lot began to go wrong for me. I became exhausted and became fearful. My financial Base of Ministry had disappeared. When I got to UK I was broken and sick. God had to restore me as I had passed through a learning experience that it is not just necessary to have faith but surrender to Him. Resting in Him. And this is my life right now.

Since 2012 my daughter became ill with a renal condition to which now she has to do dialysis 3 times a week. Our lives sometimes are around the health issues that we as parents must attend to. This means our ministering is limited in terms of itineraries but in terms of social media we continue.

We shall shortly make a journey to Portugal to see family and minister. Please pray for this.

Also I need to change my glasses as I am seeing worse these days. Pray for new ones.

May you feedback if you are being blessed.


Russell Durose


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