The Dimension of Faith Part 5: When your faith becomes your Ark

Hebrews 11: 7

” By faith Noah, being divinely warned of things not yet seen, moved with godly fear, prepared an ARK, for the saving of his household, by which he condemned the world and became heir of righteousness which is according to faith.”

We come back to the series once again, and I have been sitting on this word now for 2 weeks at least. The Lord in the last message wonderfully wove a love declaration to us, and I felt you needed to savour that message.


1. The realm of faith opens the door to hear God’s warning. 

The realm of faith in the life of Noah caused him to have access to the warning of God. The Lord was about to change things on the earth. Only those who access those warnings must access through the realm of faith. There is no other way to decipher the things of God. Our spirits are made ALIVE and AWOKEN by the Spirit of God, it is living in the realm of faith that we access the activity of heaven.

There are historical events over the years which God at various times warned about. Noah was a prophet of his day. He not only warned by his words but also his actions. He was warned so he prepared. God warns us to cause us to prepare…the very preparation is an act of faith. The Lord warned Noah over something He was about to do, which would be catastrophic to all life on earth.

There are two types of prophecy running through many people in the Church today. There are those who prophesy judgments, there are others who are prophesying revival and restoration. Who is right? I struggled with this whilst still in Portugal in 2009. I then sought God concerning this.

What I did not know at the time that God would speak to me concerning this, but also personalizing it to me. I was to undergo a major change myself, and God was coming to warn me about it. He was giving me:

a. A word for my generation

b. A word of warning and of restoration

c. A word for me personally.

The problem was I was not accute to hearing God for this last part at that time. Yet looking back I remember that a particular friend of mine prophesied concerning a major economic crisis coming to Portugal at that time, many would lose everything, and that I was to leave and see an “Ark” prepared for me and my household.


Yet when we are in the dimension of faith we are warned of major changes and we are moved to prepare…even though there is no physical evidence.

2. The Realm of faith believes for what has not been seen

What was not seen was rain. It seems according to descriptions concerning the earth at that time, was that the ground was irrigated by underground streams. The flood promised and warned about to Noah would change this, and the heavens would pour over the earth. It had never been seen, but faith taught Noah the specifics. God is promising happenings never seen before, miracles never before seen, judgments upon the earth which speak to man to repent. The vision of the ark was so detailed that he prepared according to the divine measurements. God will cause you to see and hear what God has prepared, and we must prepare for what G0d has prepared.

Faith does not wait to understand, or to see, to act, it simply obeys.Rain was a strange concept then. The Lord warned and explained to Noah the dangers involved in the rains. Yet we know that the rainbow which manifested in the covenantal exchange after the flood, is the sun passing through the judgmental rain to remind Noah and all mankind that yes, rain did wipe out a generation, but through the rain God’s rainbow will remind us that even if it does rain, it is not for destruction but for nurturing and fruitfulness. So in the judgment there is the seed of redemption. 


So we must take heart that even though the rain will come, we will see the seeds of restoration in the very thing God uses as judgment. Many people today shy away at these judgments but fail to see the wisdom in the judgments and decipher God’s ways.

3. The realm of faith prepares an Ark

The ark was for who?

For Noah and his family.

God is calling you to a covenant of faith with Him, which in this dangerous and precarious hour you will prepare a “ark” of faith which when the “rains” of adversity come you will be protected. God will start something new with you. You will be dry when all around is wet, you will have walls and a roof when the houses round about are washed away in various crises.

a. The ark is a personal covenant with God

b. The ark is your covenant of protection from God

c. The ark is your covenant of provision from God.

d. The ark is your covenant of power from God for preservation.

Do not trust that what you do not see, and you see all around oblivious to this late hour on the earth, know that the way of faith you are journeying on is bringing you into a place of privilege that when all is raining and flooding, all are screaming, God will close your door and cause you to be safe.

Many accuse those who preach a faith message of ignoring the judgments of God, but the opposite is true. We must speak of personal covenant, how to enter, and how to walk in it, and how faith frees us from sin and law. Faith causes us to access the grace we need in every hour. We do not ignore or dismiss the need for God’s judgment, but preaching faith must reside first in the study of God’s character and be consistent in what the Word shows us, when God deals with His people.

Today God is bringing you into a place of faith which in times of impending sickness, financial loss, death, uncertainty, God will close His door, keep us safe and take us into a new beginning in Him.



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