The Dimension of Faith: Part 3 The Testimony you are given, not what you give.


Hebrews 11:5

“By faith Enoch was taken away so that he did not see death, and was not found, because God had taken him, for before he was taken he had this testimony that he pleased God. ”

The Book of Enoch, which exists as a extra biblical book, reportedly written by him and handed down, has some substance as it provides a window on life in his day. The “testimony” we speak of is the word “martiria”  in the Greek. It is where we get our word martyr from. And we know that the martyrs shaped the destiny of Kingdoms, because their blood brought about change in oppressive kingdoms where they gave their lives. Their example opened a window spiritually speaking. It opened to others that these gave their lives for something better, and this world could not hold them back from giving their lives rather than please their oppressors.

The maturia (testimony) is something God deposits in you. it is God’s response to your faith. Your faith in Him gives you His attention. He puts within you a conviction, an assurance that whatever He promises you He will accomplish in your life. You have a conviction that whatever you have been promised in various dimensions, whether it by Word, prophecy, vision, dream will be given to you. For Enoch he was promised an experience with translation and not experiencing death. He was promised immediate translation into the Celestial realms. He would not pass the darkness of death.

The purpose of this message today is to stir you to understand that having faith is not having faith in something but in Someone who is ready to give you certainties. These certainties do not pass in the confidence in what you see, or feel, it passes into the experience of a divine encounter where God DEPOSITS something into your spirit. This deposit is CONTAINED IN THE WORD OF GOD. It is not merely a book, but it is a John 1 experience, “the Word was made flesh”. That is, the Word became living and breathing in your being and became PART OF YOU. It is not a vain repetition, which you have to CONVINCE yourself. It is not memorizing promises…it is FIRST having that substance and that DEPOSIT that comes from heaven itself. That divine substance is downloaded into your spirit, that divine configuration comes and moulds the way you understand the operation of God, the way He operates, moves and you will think with the mind of Christ.

In verse 5 of chapter 11 of Hebrews we see what deposit God put in Enoch. He promised him, he would not taste death, but God would come to fetch him and would transport him with the angels to heaven, and in that transporting every atom and every fibre of his being would take on His Glory. That is some deposit!!!

This is to say that faith is an INTERACTION which is RELATIONAL in which what God puts into your spirit is something that He will accomplish in you which will result in a divine objective accomplished in the whole of eternity.

For Enoch it was a life of eternity, being transformed into glory. That was his DEPOSIT. What is yours?

So the testimony is not what you give for Him, it is what He gives to you. God invites you to a deeper place where He wants to impart His Deposit of His Dreams. His destiny is intertwined with your life. Then once He deposits His Deposit in you, you will know, and nothing will stop it. From it will come miracles and healings, and will come everything to level the mountains and exalt the valleys.

What is your testimony today?


2 thoughts on “The Dimension of Faith: Part 3 The Testimony you are given, not what you give.

  1. One comes to an end of self, with only the crying out for all of God. This is what God in Christ Jesus originally made us,( A New Creation)…baptized by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit see’s neither male nor female but a New Creation, this is God’s Kingdom coming to earth just as in Heaven. What does the Kingdom of Heaven represent to the church? Do we really desire ,(Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven )?
    I leave a word from the scriptures, which tell forth the beginning of those who desire for the full will of God. Those who will follow and move when God moves. Their is total promise of God to be all in all to you…never forget God is always IN THE EVER ABOUNDING/ABUNDANCE IN HEART. With love for you and everyone that’s ever increasing and boundless.
    Psa 84:1 To the chief Musician upon Gittith, A Psalm for the sons of Korah. How amiable are thy tabernacles, O LORD of hosts!
    Psa 84:2 My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts of the LORD: my heart and my flesh crieth out for the living God.
    Psa 84:3 Yea, the sparrow hath found an house, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young, even thine altars, O LORD of hosts, my King, and my God.
    Psa 84:4 Blessed are they that dwell in thy house: they will be still praising thee. Selah.
    Psa 84:5 Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee; in whose heart are the ways of them.
    Psa 84:6 Who passing through the valley of Baca make it a well; the rain also filleth the pools.
    Psa 84:7 They go from strength to strength, every one of them in Zion appeareth before God.
    Psa 84:8 O LORD God of hosts, hear my prayer: give ear, O God of Jacob. Selah.
    Psa 84:9 Behold, O God our shield, and look upon the face of thine anointed.
    Psa 84:10 For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.
    Psa 84:11 For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.
    Psa 84:12 O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee.

    Psalms 84:6

    (Who) : Psa_66:10-12; Joh_16:33; Act_14:22; Rom_5:3-5, Rom_8:37; 2Co_4:17; Rev_7:14
    Baca: etc. or, mulberry-trees, make him a well, etc. Baca is probably a large shrub, which the Arabs still call baca, (see note on 2Sa_5:23); and this valley, as Celsius observes, seems to be one “embarrassed with (such) bushes and thorns, which could not be passed without (labour and tears”) – bacah, as 7; MSS, LXX, Aquila, and Vulgate read. 2Sa_5:22-24
    the rain: (Filleth) Psa_68:9; 2Ki_3:9-20
    : Heb.( covereth)

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