Dimension of Faith part 2; Temporary Tents and Eternal vision

By faith he sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise:  For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.
Hebrews 11:9-10 KJV


When we study the whole area of faith we never cease to be amazed about the dimension that the Word reveals to us. May God touch our eyes to see the new dimensions of His Word so that it unlocks to us the manifestation of His Purpose in our lives!

God took Abraham into the land and Abraham lived in tents. They were temporary habitations. It was not the full expression of living in comfort nor stability.

It seems the fullness of the promise had not manifest in the life of Abraham. God had to cause him to know how to perceive the way God was to cause him to fully inherit.

God was not just showing a land but from the land God was showing people. He was showing a multitude of generations which would first be born into his covenant by blood naturally then those who would be born into it spiritually by the Blood of Jesus.


God was not just showing a son but sons from every generation. The covenant God made Abraham had not just the limits of this life. But from the realms of eternity to see a progressive manifestation of that covenant until Jesus makes all things new and the celestial city that Abraham saw descends and completes that covenant.

It is a fact that God desires to reach to us and extends to us an eternal covenant.  It comes via Jesus and His Blood.

This covenant will not be fulfilled only in this life…but in eternity which is life without end. 

Until we get there we may live in the land of promise as foreigners. We may not have possession but we still live in tents.

However this temporary process is testing us to see if we are guided and motivated by the heavenly vision or whether we will be discouraged by our momentary discomfort. 

If we allow our lives to have a different perspective in that we are no longer in pursuit of momentary pleasure or comfort we will see untold favour and provision. God will make sure we enter into increasing levels of seeing that eternal heavenly vision manifest in our lives.

It is not just a case of having faith.  It is a question of asking what motivates us? If we pass our lives pursuing self promotion or self preservation we will lose out.

In Numbers 13 and 14 the children of Israel were given the opportunity to enter the land. 10 spies saw obstacles whilst 2 saw opportunities. Those who saw obstacles wanted to enter the easy way where faith is not exercised. No effort. Whilst those who saw opportunities knew that the only way to possess was God’s way.

The heavenly vision is not placed into your lap. It is not just dropped down.  It is called down and believed on by faith.

You see
you believe
You speak
You act.


Faith is not just a conviction which you work yourself into. You have to have a interaction with something supernatural that makes you perceive that there is something calling you to something unseen and impossible and you know that by giving yourself to it by believing and acting shall this manifest.

You will no longer just see tents but a city whose maker and foundations is God Himself.

What are you seeing?
What motivates you?

If you are locked into the temporary you will be at the mercy of circumstances but if you live motivated by the Eternal you can be assured that God will walk you to touch and embrace it. Not even death will prevent you.

May we look beyond our tents to see God’s faithfulness in ever bringing us into new depths and realities with Him.


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